The Ruins of Breeland  

Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    The Ruins of Breeland

Deed: The Ruins of Breeland

Blackwold Headquarters 26.6S, 44.4W
Blackwold's Roost 26.8S, 46.6W
Bronwe's Folly 26.8S, 48.0W
Goblinhole Ruins 33.1S, 42.9W
Hillshire Ruins 27.8S, 58.7W
Marshwater Fort 30.9S, 44.6W
Ost Baranor (Blackwold Ruin) 33.3S, 48.4W
South-guard Ruins 35.7S, 51.5W
The Old Greenway Fort 24.0S, 53.1W
Woodsedge Ruins 29.4S, 45.9W