Items by Armour Type: Warden Shield

Balanced Dwarf-iron Warden's Shield iconBalanced Dwarf-iron Warden's Shield38   3s 60c   Crafted  
Balanced Iron Warden's Shield iconBalanced Iron Warden's Shield12   1s 95c   Crafted  
Balanced Warden's Shield of the Elven Soldier iconBalanced Warden's Shield of the Elven Soldier42   6s 55c   Crafted  
Bori's Warden Shield iconBori's Warden Shield   12s 63c   Quested From: Book 9, Chapter 16: The Dungeons of Dol Guldur (65)  
Bracegirdle's Shield iconBracegirdle's Shield   2s 2c   Quested From: Forest Spiders (16)  
Bronze Warden's Shield  iconBronze Warden's Shield 7   1s 35c   Crafted  
Calenglad's Shield iconCalenglad's Shield   5s 78c   Quested From: The Tomb of Elendil (40)  
Candelleth's Shield iconCandelleth's Shield   4s 26c   Quested From: Chapter 6: A Cheerless Land (50)  
Crafted Warden's Shield iconCrafted Warden's Shield17   2s 28c   Crafted  
Daeramath iconDaeramath58   12s 63c   Sold by: Austar, Classic, Curugardh, ...  
Digweed's Shield iconDigweed's Shield   2s 74c   Quested From: Half-orc Schemer (28)  
Diplomat's Shield iconDiplomat's Shield   2s 61c   Quested From: A Brokered Peace (29)  
Dunland Marcher's Cracked Round Shield iconDunland Marcher's Cracked Round Shield   5s 70c   Quested From: Return to the Elders (70)  
Dunland Marcher's Shield of the Mountains iconDunland Marcher's Shield of the Mountains   5s 84c   Quested From: Evil Things (72)  
Dunland Spearman's Round Shield iconDunland Spearman's Round Shield   5s 41c   Quested From: Allies and Enemies (66)  
Durable Shield of the Westfold iconDurable Shield of the Westfold75   736s   Sold by: Rohirrim Quartermaster, Rohirrim Quartermaster (Galtrev)  
Exquisite Warden's Shield of Lothlorien iconExquisite Warden's Shield of Lothlorien60   7s 10c   Crafted  
Fallohide's Shield iconFallohide's Shield   1s 20c   Quested From: Refurbishing the Town Hole (8)  
Filecthan iconFilecthan   7s 10c   Quested From: Book 3. Chapter 2: A Long Way from Home (54)  
Fine Warden's Shield of the Elven Soldier  iconFine Warden's Shield of the Elven Soldier 42   6s 55c   Crafted  
Flame-ward Shield iconFlame-ward Shield52   11s 55c   Sold by: Austar, Curugardh, Dorthadir, ...  
Forglinn's Shield iconForglinn's Shield   8s 30c   Quested From: Chapter 5: The Black Pit (60)  
Gleaming Shield iconGleaming Shield51   4s 26c    
Guard's Medium Shield iconGuard's Medium Shield53   38s   Sold by: Gair, Limar, Thorth Splintershield  
Hunter's Hero iconHunter's Hero   3s 96c   Quested From: Of Great Aid (47)  
Hydre-bord iconHydre-bord   9s 74c   Quested From: Book 4, Chapter 16: The Watchful Presence (72)  
Ingolfr's Shield iconIngolfr's Shield   1s 82c   Quested From: Goblins in the Valley (12)  
Ironband's Shield iconIronband's Shield   2s 28c   Quested From: Stolen Notes (20)  
Jubut-hum iconJubut-hum60   8s 30c    
Rotted Shield iconRotted Shield   1c   Dropped by: Blackwold, Blackwold Cutthroat, Blackwold Hoodlum, ...  
Rotted Wide Shield iconRotted Wide Shield   1c   Quested From: Skip Tutorial (Dwarf) (3)  
Round Shield iconRound Shield5   65c   Sold by: Aidan, Arastil, Bor, ...  
Round Shield iconRound Shield8   92c   Sold by: Aidan, Arastil, Bor, ...  
Round Shield of Fleetness iconRound Shield of Fleetness15   1s 95c    
Round Shield of Might iconRound Shield of Might7   1s   Dropped by: Blackwold Leader  
Saralonde iconSaralonde48   7s 10c    
Scarred Shield of the Dunedain iconScarred Shield of the Dunedain   5s 23c   Quested From: Crown of the Colossus (33)  
Shield of Broken Sieges iconShield of Broken Sieges36   5s 56c   Sold by: Celegdes  
Shield of Endurance iconShield of Endurance53   4s 26c   Dropped by: Uruk Battle-master  
Shield of Lesser Blows iconShield of Lesser Blows45   6s 55c    
Shield of Ninkakh Faltor iconShield of Ninkakh Faltor   7s 34c   Quested From: Emissaries of the White Hand (53)  
Shield of Stamina iconShield of Stamina75   6s 6c   Dropped by: Khundolar Archer, Khundolar Berserker, Khundolar Captain, ...  
Shield of the Bulwark iconShield of the Bulwark58   8s 6c   Sold by: Landru  
Shield of the Company iconShield of the Company   7s 10c   Quested From: A Dark Secret Way (50)  
Shield of the Eglan-warden iconShield of the Eglan-warden32   8s 18c   Sold by: Freagyr  
Shield of the Southern March iconShield of the Southern March   3s 25c   Quested From: A Spear at the Southern March (15)  
Shield of the Strong iconShield of the Strong   4s 90c   Quested From: Cutting off the Hand (31)  
Skull-hunter's Shield iconSkull-hunter's Shield   3s 53c   Quested From: Stolen Skulls (42)  
Square Shield of Fleetness iconSquare Shield of Fleetness5   78c   Dropped by: Blackwold Lookout, Blackwold Poacher  
Steel Warden's Shield iconSteel Warden's Shield23   2s 68c   Crafted  
Strong Shield  iconStrong Shield 65   5s 34c   Dropped by: Dievlig Wight  
Superb Warden's Shield of Lothlorien  iconSuperb Warden's Shield of Lothlorien 60   10s 65c   Crafted  
Tongannel's Shield iconTongannel's Shield   6s 44c   Quested From: Cause for Joy (45)  
Twisttongue's Legacy iconTwisttongue's Legacy   8s 6c   Quested From: Riddles in the Sunshine (58)  
Vamma's Medium Shield iconVamma's Medium Shield   6s 66c   Quested From: He Who Leads (49)  
Wall of Steel iconWall of Steel50   10s 65c   Sold by: Landru  
Warden of Haudh Eglan iconWarden of Haudh Eglan   2s 35c   Quested From: Fighting Back (22)  
Warden Of Lalia iconWarden Of Lalia   2s 2c   Quested From: Lalia's Safe Passage (18)  
Warden's Shell Shield iconWarden's Shell Shield60   10s 65c    
Warden's Shield of Lothlorien iconWarden's Shield of Lothlorien60   7s 10c   Sold by: Lomguil  
Warden's Shield of the Golden Host iconWarden's Shield of the Golden Host65   10s 6c   Crafted  
Warden's Shield of the Noble iconWarden's Shield of the Noble58   8s 6c   Crafted  
Warden's Shield of the Sentinel iconWarden's Shield of the Sentinel51   7s 10c   Crafted  
Wooden Warden's Shield  iconWooden Warden's Shield   98c   Quested From: Intro: Thigh to Neck (2), Skip Introduction (Dwarf) (15), Training: A Warden's Deft Strike (2)