Items by Armour Type: Heavy Shield

Amarthbadanir iconAmarthbadanir   11s 38c   Quested From: Heart of the Waters (50)  
Balanamath iconBalanamath29   9s 66c   Quested From: Birds of a Feather (29)  
Banded Round Shield iconBanded Round Shield15   3s 85c   Dropped by: Foul-arrow White Hand, White Hand Pillager Sold by: Invar  
Banded Round Shield iconBanded Round Shield32   5s 4c   Sold by: Bail Threespot  
Banded Round Shield of Determination iconBanded Round Shield of Determination15   1s 95c    
Battered Dunedain Defender's Shield iconBattered Dunedain Defender's Shield   10s 22c   Quested From: Crown of the Colossus (33)  
Bori's Grand Shield iconBori's Grand Shield   21s 21c   Quested From: Book 9, Chapter 16: The Dungeons of Dol Guldur (65)  
Calatherdir's Wall iconCalatherdir's Wall   10s 50c    
Candac's Wall iconCandac's Wall   3s 85c   Quested From: Candac's Delivery (15)  
Chipped Dunlending Heavy Shield iconChipped Dunlending Heavy Shield   8s 90c   Quested From: Capture the Stores (66)  
Diplomat's Ward iconDiplomat's Ward   5s 38c   Quested From: A Brokered Peace (29)  
Dithalion's Heavy Shield iconDithalion's Heavy Shield   14s   Quested From: Chapter 5: The Black Pit (60)  
Dragon Kite Shield of Fleetness iconDragon Kite Shield of Fleetness50   7s 56c    
Dunlending Iron Kite Shield iconDunlending Iron Kite Shield   9s 24c   Quested From: A Walk in the Glade (70)  
Dwarf Shield iconDwarf Shield20   4s 20c   Sold by: Invar, Refr Quicksilver  
Dwarf Shield iconDwarf Shield23   4s 41c   Sold by: Refr Quicksilver  
Dwarf Shield iconDwarf Shield26   4s 62c   Sold by: Refr Quicksilver  
Dwarf Shield iconDwarf Shield29   4s 83c   Sold by: Refr Quicksilver  
Dwarf Shield iconDwarf Shield35   5s 25c   Sold by: Galti Son Of Geitir  
Dwarf Shield iconDwarf Shield38   5s 46c   Sold by: Galti Son Of Geitir  
Dwarf Shield of Fleetness iconDwarf Shield of Fleetness29   5s 80c    
Dwarf Shield of Might iconDwarf Shield of Might20   5s 4c    
Dwarf Shield of Rallying iconDwarf Shield of Rallying50   7s 56c    
Dwarf Wedge Shield of Fate iconDwarf Wedge Shield of Fate33   6s 13c    
Dwarven Shield of Battle iconDwarven Shield of Battle   12s 60c   Quested From: The Last of the White Hand (56)  
Elven Knight's Heavy Shield iconElven Knight's Heavy Shield47   12s 60c   Crafted  
Elven Soldier's Heavy Shield iconElven Soldier's Heavy Shield42   11s 90c   Crafted  
Enduring Dwarf Shield iconEnduring Dwarf Shield25   5s 46c    
Eoscyld iconEoscyld50   12s 60c    
Exquisite Lothlorien Heavy Shield iconExquisite Lothlorien Heavy Shield60   12s 60c   Crafted  
Fierce Kite Shield of Might iconFierce Kite Shield of Might41   3s 67c    
Forge-Crafted Large Shield iconForge-Crafted Large Shield20   8s 40c   Crafted  
Garthathan iconGarthathan   9s 80c   Quested From: A Champion's Courage (30)  
Gleaming Dwarf Shield iconGleaming Dwarf Shield22   5s 21c    
Gleaming Round Shield iconGleaming Round Shield22   5s 21c   Dropped by: Ulural  
Goluamath iconGoluamath   12s 60c   Quested From: Chapter 6: Thror's Hammer (48)  
Great Shield of the Barrows iconGreat Shield of the Barrows26   9s 24c    
Guard's Heavy Shield iconGuard's Heavy Shield53   38s   Sold by: Gair, Limar, Thorth Splintershield  
Guardian of Lalia iconGuardian of Lalia   4s 87c   Quested From: Lalia's Safe Passage (18)  
Halbarad's Shield iconHalbarad's Shield   5s 38c   Quested From: Dire News (25)  
Hardened Elven Knight's Heavy Shield iconHardened Elven Knight's Heavy Shield47   18s 90c   Crafted  
Hardened Heavy  Ancient Shield iconHardened Heavy Ancient Shield47   18s 90c   Crafted  
Hardened Heavy Dwarf-iron Shield iconHardened Heavy Dwarf-iron Shield31   10s 36c   Crafted  
Hardened Heavy Gondorian Kite Shield iconHardened Heavy Gondorian Kite Shield27   9s 80c   Crafted  
Hardened Heavy Iron Kite Shield iconHardened Heavy Iron Kite Shield12   7s 70c   Crafted  
Hardened Heavy Steel Round Shield iconHardened Heavy Steel Round Shield23   9s 24c   Crafted  
Hardened Heavy Westernesse Shield iconHardened Heavy Westernesse Shield35   10s 92c   Crafted  
Heavy Ancient Shield iconHeavy Ancient Shield47   12s 60c   Crafted  
Heavy Elven Soldiers' Shield iconHeavy Elven Soldiers' Shield42   11s 90c   Crafted  
Heavy Forge-Crafted Kite Shield iconHeavy Forge-Crafted Kite Shield17   8s 40c   Crafted  
Heavy Gondorian Kite Shield iconHeavy Gondorian Kite Shield27   9s 80c   Crafted  
Heavy Iron Kite Shield iconHeavy Iron Kite Shield12   4s 62c   Crafted  
Heavy Shield of the Golden Host iconHeavy Shield of the Golden Host65   14s 42c   Crafted  
Heavy Steel Round Shield iconHeavy Steel Round Shield23   5s 54c   Crafted  
Heavy Westernesse Shield iconHeavy Westernesse Shield35   10s 50c   Crafted  
Heroic Noble's Heavy Shield  iconHeroic Noble's Heavy Shield 58   18s 90c   Crafted  
Hithlim's Kite Shield iconHithlim's Kite Shield   6s 13c   Quested From: Weakening the Tide (34)  
Horngoth's End iconHorngoth's End   12s 60c   Quested From: Chief of the Invaders (50)  
Hunter's Savior iconHunter's Savior   7s 6c   Quested From: Of Great Aid (47)  
Hydre-sceld iconHydre-sceld   15s 68c   Quested From: Book 4, Chapter 16: The Watchful Presence (72)  
Idden's End iconIdden's End   6s 22c    
Ironfist's Wall iconIronfist's Wall   6s 13c   Quested From: The True Thieves (34)  
Kite Shield iconKite Shield20   4s 20c   Sold by: Maynard Thistle  
Kite Shield iconKite Shield23   4s 41c   Dropped by: Oath-breaker Coward  
Kite Shield iconKite Shield29   4s 83c    
Kite Shield iconKite Shield29   4s 83c   Sold by: Bail Threespot  
Kite Shield iconKite Shield47   6s 9c    
Kite Shield of Rallying iconKite Shield of Rallying25   5s 46c    
Laerdan's Defender iconLaerdan's Defender   12s 60c   Quested From: Book XII, Chapter 6: Laerdan's Escape (50)  
Leafcutter's Shield iconLeafcutter's Shield   12s 60c   Quested From: Chapter 9: The Barrows of Haudh Iarchith (50)  
Longamath iconLongamath   10s 92c   Quested From: Fell the Trolls (37)  
Lorien Heavy Shield iconLorien Heavy Shield60   12s 60c   Sold by: Lomguil  
Lucelad iconLucelad50   12s 60c    
Lucflad iconLucflad49   12s 46c    
Luthrand iconLuthrand   11s 20c   Quested From: Chapter 5: Hiding In The Dark (39)  
Mallendir iconMallendir50   12s 60c    
Marskold iconMarskold65   14s 70c    
Metal Round Shield of Stamina iconMetal Round Shield of Stamina40   6s 72c    
Naglettar iconNaglettar50   12s 60c    
Nomad's Shield iconNomad's Shield   11s 48c   Quested From: The Minions of Muirathakh (44)  
Oakheart's Thanks iconOakheart's Thanks   8s   Quested From: Oakheart's Flight (36)  
Orc's Demise iconOrc's Demise   12s 60c   Quested From: Halting the Advance (60)  
Raider's Shield of Might iconRaider's Shield of Might35   6s 30c    
Resolute Dunlending Battle Shield iconResolute Dunlending Battle Shield70   23s 10c   Crafted  
Rianamath iconRianamath   6s 80c    
Rianamath iconRianamath   11s 34c   Quested From: Stealing Stores (44)  
Righ-targaid iconRigh-targaid60   6s 60c    
Rodamath iconRodamath   14s 70c   Quested From: A Guardian's Duty (30)  
Rondbalk iconRondbalk50   12s 60c   Dropped by: Grisgart  
Round Shield iconRound Shield23   4s 41c   Dropped by: Creoth Apprentice, Creoth Chieftain, Creoth Devout, ... Sold by: Maynard Thistle  
Round Shield iconRound Shield35   5s 25c    
Sharpshard's Shield iconSharpshard's Shield   6s 72c   Quested From: The Last Ingot (45)  
Shield of Efficacy iconShield of Efficacy35   10s 92c    
Shield of Eregion iconShield of Eregion26   9s 24c    
Shield of Moria iconShield of Moria48   6s 88c    
Shield of Rallying iconShield of Rallying62   8s 57c   Dropped by: Mirk-huorn  
Shield of Rallying  iconShield of Rallying 65   8s 82c   Dropped by: Burzthrang Marauder, Burzthrang Poisoner, Burzthrang Ravager, ...  
Shield of Rhudaur  iconShield of Rhudaur   9s 80c   Quested From: Long Overdue Justice (30)  
Shield of the Brotherhood iconShield of the Brotherhood45   12s 32c    
Shield of the Eglan-defender iconShield of the Eglan-defender32   15s 75c   Sold by: Freagyr  
Shield of the North-Star iconShield of the North-Star   12s 18c   Quested From: (), The Seven Swords (47)  
Shield of the Palace of Nain iconShield of the Palace of Nain   12s 60c   Quested From: The Hive-queen (51)  
Shield of the Statue iconShield of the Statue   3s 42c   Quested From: Reassembling the Statue (57)  
Shield of the West-tower  iconShield of the West-tower 50   18s 90c   Sold by: Ariel  
Shining Banded Round Shield iconShining Banded Round Shield18   4s 87c    
Skotrand iconSkotrand50   18s 90c   Sold by: Halgils  
Skunkwood's Shield iconSkunkwood's Shield   4s 87c   Quested From: Treasures of Cardolan (19)  
Small Banded Buckler of Vigour iconSmall Banded Buckler of Vigour16   1s 72c    
Smithrand iconSmithrand58   13s 72c   Sold by: Halgils  
Steel Kite Shield iconSteel Kite Shield15   3s 85c   Sold by: Maynard Thistle  
Steel Kite Shield iconSteel Kite Shield18   4s 62c    
Steel Kite Shield iconSteel Kite Shield26   4s 62c    
Steel Kite Shield of Might iconSteel Kite Shield of Might18   4s 87c    
Stonehelm Shield iconStonehelm Shield48   12s 32c   Sold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster  
Storrand iconStorrand45   12s 32c    
Stoutwall iconStoutwall65   15s 12c   Sold by: Austar, Classic, Curugardh, ...  
Strangweord iconStrangweord48   12s 60c    
Strong Shield iconStrong Shield53   7s 56c   Dropped by: Uruk Battle-master  
Superb Lothlorien Heavy Shield  iconSuperb Lothlorien Heavy Shield 60   21s   Crafted  
Teras-sydan iconTeras-sydan42   36s   Crafted  
The Heart of Stone iconThe Heart of Stone   16s 10c    
The Wall of Annuminas iconThe Wall of Annuminas36   10s 64c   Sold by: Celegdes  
Threkrand iconThrekrand50   19s    
Threkskold iconThrekskold65   14s 70c    
Tonnbrest iconTonnbrest45   11s 90c    
Toramath iconToramath   4s 96c   Quested From: An Honourless People (20)  
Turamath iconTuramath   12s 46c   Quested From: Rakothurz and Horm (50)  
Ulkrank Guard iconUlkrank Guard   11s 48c   Quested From: The Old One (44)  
Urbhrum's Wall iconUrbhrum's Wall   13s 30c   Quested From: Fighting the Fungus (54)  
Vamma's Heavy Shield iconVamma's Heavy Shield   12s 4c   Quested From: He Who Leads (49)  
Victory at Minas Agar iconVictory at Minas Agar   12s 18c   Quested From: Karstiona, Emissary of the Trev Duvardain (50)  
Vorthrand iconVorthrand50   18s 90c   Sold by: Himhul  
Wall of Annuminas iconWall of Annuminas58   14s 14c   Sold by: Austar, Classic, Curugardh, ... Crafted  
Wall of the Gravenwood iconWall of the Gravenwood   9s 41c   Quested From: Breath of the Dragon (72)  
Wall of the Resolute Guardian iconWall of the Resolute Guardian58   18s 90c    
Warden's Shield iconWarden's Shield50   36s   Sold by: Hafgrim  
Wigskold iconWigskold48   18s 48c   Sold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster  
Wood Round Shield iconWood Round Shield17   3s 99c   Sold by: Maynard Thistle  
Wood Round Shield iconWood Round Shield20   4s 20c    
Wood Round Shield iconWood Round Shield26   4s 62c   Sold by: Bail Threespot  
Wood Round Shield iconWood Round Shield32   5s 4c    
Wood Round Shield of Might iconWood Round Shield of Might16   4s 70c    
Wood Round Shield of Might iconWood Round Shield of Might47   7s 31c    
Wyrmshud iconWyrmshud49   12s 46c   Sold by: Bolo Boffin