iconKol's Appreciation  

Kol's Appreciation
Slot: Neck
Bind on Acquire
+14 Vitality
+98.0 Evade Rating
+42 Maximum Morale
+294.0 Wound Resist Rating
Durability: 80/80
Sturdiness: Normal

You must have completed the quest 'A Dire Need'.

"The dwarves of Gabilshathur thankful to have you as a friend."

Worth: 3s 80c
Part of Friend of Gabilshathur
4/5: +15 Vitality
5/5: +29 Fate
5/5: +44 Maximum Morale
Avar's Salute
Bothwar's Praise
Gisur's Thanks
Hwati's Gratitude
Kol's Appreciation

Sold by Vendors for 15s 20c:Received From Quests:

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