iconPure Flask of Conhuith  

Pure Flask of Conhuith
Slot: Potion
Consumed on Use
Cooldown: 30s
Usage: Removes up to 1 Fear effect with maximum strength of 50.0 from the target

"Draught cures fear symptoms of lesser or equal strength.
Draughts can only be used on yourself."

Worth: 2s
Stack Size: 50

Dropped from Creatures:Sold by Vendors for 8s :Dropped from Objects:Obtained from Bartering:Received From Quests:
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better list
# Aug 08 2008 at 9:21 PM Rating: Decent
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I wish the locations were at the beginning with the other pertinent information and looked a little more like this:

    Angmar -
  • Ruinestel (Iorelen’s Camp)

    Bree-town -
  • Barliman Butterbur (Prancing Pony)
  • Lizbeth Honeymeade (Combe)

    Ered Luin -
  • Brethilwen (Celondim)
  • Kolskegg (Gondamon)
  • Leithi (Gondamon)

    Forochel -
  • Amu (Kauppa-kohta)
  • Hannu (Pynti-peldot)
  • Kauppi (Kuru-leiri)
  • Panu (Great Lodge of Suri-kyla)

    Lone Lands -
  • Anlaf the Forlorn (Forsaken Inn)

    Misty Mountains -
  • Afwald (Thorgest's Haven)

    Rivendell -
  • Salabdur (Last Homely House)
  • Sogadan (Hall of Fire)

    Shire -
  • Barmy Rootknot (Green Dragon Inn)
  • Carlo Blagrove (Bird & Baby Inn)
  • Gunderic Grubb (Golden Perch)
  • Halson Tubwort (Plough and Stars)
  • Hereward Loamsdown (Ivy Bush Inn)
  • Ponto Hopsbloom (Floating Log Inn)

    Thorin's Gate -
  • Runulf (Thorin's Hall)

    Trollshaws -
  • Nestael (Echad Candelleth)

Btw, I do this to make quick references and just thought I would share my idea. When you spend days farming for special items, then you spend hours looking thru links to find the closest vendor for the common items this type of list helps tremendously.

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