iconHalberd of War  

Halberd of War
Slot: Main Hand
Type: Halberd
Bind on Acquire
Requires Classes: Captain
67 - 111 Westernesse Damage
3.0 Speed
(29.6 DPS)
+29 Agility
+400.0 Melee Critical Rating
+400.0 Tactical Critical Rating
+91.0 Weaken: Opponent's power is transferred to you some of the time
Wield: Your attacks generate greater Threat
Durability: 100/100
Sturdiness: Normal
Worth: 12s 87c

Received From Quests:
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One of the game's best weapons
# Mar 11 2009 at 7:59 PM Rating: Good
68 posts
This is one of the game's best weapons. Yeah it's quite slow, but when you use your War-Cry haste skill, it gets much better. With such a high agility bonus, and the bonuses to criting, you become a crit machine. The tactical crit bonus helps you to crit your shouts, and the 5% chance to drain your opponent's power is the additional 5% on top of the 5% you already get from the first description. So, roughly every 10 strikes, you drain power from your foe. :)
If you slot the class traits Expert Attacks (+1200 Devastaing Blow/Pressing Attack Critical Rating) and Captain of War (increased attack speed with the use of War-Cry,) you can do some serious damage. Throw down the Banner of War for an extra +50 Might and Agility...and the power is intoxicating. :) Critical hits, even when you don't have much might, are up in the 900 range on lesser/equal mobs in the low 50's lvls.
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