iconElf-steelbound Lootbox  

Elf-steelbound Lootbox
Slot: Lootbox
Cooldown: 5s


Cooldown: 5s

Minimum Level 50

"Loot from this box can range from marks, potions or cosmetics all the way up to rare mounts and special gear. Locked boxes can be traded or sold and Sturdy Steel keys are required to unlock them. Sturdy Steel keys can be found as drops from any creature in the world or on the LotRO store."

Usage Requirements:
Minimum Level: 50

Dropped from Creatures:Obtained from Bartering:

Known Random drop items from this lootbox item are:
Broken Engraving
Cracked Dwarf Tablet
Cracked Etching
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Knowledge
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Learning
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Legend
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Lore
Delicate Heritage Rune of Knowledge
Delicate Heritage Rune of Learning
Delicate Heritage Rune of Legend
Delicate Heritage Rune of Lore
Green Crystal Lamp Fragment
Frost-antler Stand
Legacy Tier Upgrade
Morale Potion (Tier 5)
Morale Potion (Tier 6)
Ornate Heritage Rune of Knowledge
Ornate Heritage Rune of Learning
Ornate Heritage Rune of Legend
Ornate Heritage Rune of Lore
Power Potion (Tier 5)
Power Potion (Tier 6)
Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment
Regenerative Food (Tier 5)
Regenerative Food (Tier 6)
Small Vegetable Garden
Steel-bound Lootbox (52-59)
Superb Bracelet of the Aurochs
Superb Bracelet of the Bear
Superb Bracelet of the Fox
Superb Bracelet of the Hart
Superb Bracelet of the Rabbit
Superb Earring of the Aurochs
Superb Earring of the Bear
Superb Earring of the Fox
Superb Earring of the Hart
Superb Earring of the Rabbit
Superb Necklace of the Aurochs
Superb Necklace of the Bear
Superb Necklace of the Fox
Superb Necklace of the Hart
Superb Necklace of the Rabbit
Superb Ring of the Aurochs
Superb Ring of the Bear
Superb Ring of the Fox
Superb Ring of the Hart
Superb Ring of the Rabbit
Token of Freedom
Tome of Veteran Vigour
Uncut Moria-adamant
Worn Dwarf Carving

All Known Random drop items from all lootbox's that this item can possibly drop:
+10% Run Speed Boost (60 min)
Item-wear Reduction Tome (30 min)
Item-wear Reduction Tome (60 min)
Marrow Painted Steed
Revival Tome
Scroll of Lesser Craft Acceleration
Sturdy Steel Key
Tome of Agility I
Tome of Agility II
Tome of Agility III
Tome of Agility IV
Tome of Agility V
Tome of Continuing Hope
Tome of Continuing of Swiftness
Tome of Continuing Resilience
Tome of Fate I
Tome of Fate II
Tome of Fate III
Tome of Fate IV
Tome of Fate V
Tome of Might I
Tome of Might II
Tome of Might III
Tome of Might IV
Tome of Might V
Tome of Rouse Spirit
Tome of Vitality I
Tome of Vitality II
Tome of Vitality III
Tome of Vitality IV
Tome of Vitality V
Tome of Will I
Tome of Will II
Tome of Will III
Tome of Will IV
Tome of Will V
Universal Healing Potion

You can win this item from the Lottery: Lottery of the Depths of which you can enter at http://my.lotro.com/home/lottery.

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