iconGreater Supreme Potion of Fevour  

Greater Supreme Potion of Fevour
Slot: Potion
Consumed on Use
Requires Classes: Champion
Cooldown: 3m
Duration: 30s

On Use:
+25% Devastate Magnitude
Duration: 30s
Adds 5 Favour
Cooldown: 3m

Not usable in Monster Play
Cannot use with the Effect: Fervour Potion

"Imbibing this concoction fills you with renewed vigour, providing 5 Fervour and increasing the potency of your Devastating Critical Hits.

Must wait 10s between each use of Fervour Potions."

Usage Requirements:
Minimum Level: 65
Worth: 2s 70c
Stack Size: 50

Crafted from:

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