iconDefender's Necklace  

Defender's Necklace
Slot: Neck
Bind on Acquire
Cooldown: 20m
+232.0 Evade Rating
+74 Maximum Morale
Usage: Removes up to 1 Wound effect with maximum strength of 65.0 from the target
+696.0 Wound Resist Rating
Durability: 80/80
Sturdiness: Normal

Requires: Glory Rank 4

Usage Requirements:
Minimum Level: 58
Worth: 4s 42c
Part of Jewels of the Defender
2/4: +7 Vitality
4/4: +46.0 Evade Rating
4/4: +1.6% Incoming Healing
Defender's Bracelet
Defender's Jewel
Defender's Necklace
Defender's Ring

Sold by Vendors for 17s 68c:Obtained from Bartering:

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