iconWrit of Passage  

Writ of Passage
Slot: Scroll
Bind on Acquire
Consumed on Use
Sturdiness: Indestructable

"These papers, earned for your steadfast loyalty, grants you special privileges with the travel-masters of Middle-earth.

Using this scroll grants you a trait reducing the cost of travel by 20%."


This item grants the passive skill of: Travel Discount

Happy Anniversary!

April the 23rd 2009

As our way of saying thank you for being the best community online, all current subscribers will receive a special anniversary gift at the end of our Anniversary Celebration.

To aid you in your travels throughout Middle-earth, you will receive the Writ of Passage – a special scroll that will give you a new passive trait that grants you a 20% discount from all stable-masters when equipped.

The Writ of Passage is arriving!

July the 7th 2009

Players who are eligible for the Writ of Passage item will be receiving theirs over the next several days. If you haven't received yours yet, please be patient, as the process of awarding them to all eligible players could take a few days! Thanks!

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