iconNain's Copper Coin of Resolve  

Nain's Copper Coin of Resolve
Slot: Barter Item
Bind on Acquire
Requires Classes: Captain, Hunter, Minstrel
"A small ancient Copper Coin. This can be exchanged in the Twenty-first Hall."

Used to Barter For:
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Who drops this?

The coin says it can be exchanged in the 21st hall but you must go to anazarmeknem in the flaming deeps to trade it in.

This is part of a set of six: Nain's Copper Coin of Courage, hand, resolve, strength, heart and spirit. The coins are traded in Anazarmekhem in the Flaming Deeps at 13.4s, 108.1w for hunter, captain or minstrel armour called Pathfinder's (for the hunter) gauntlets, boots, leggins, jacket, shoulder, and helm.
The pathfinders gauntlets are level 60, 434 armour, 91 max morale, 20 vitality 40 agility. The boots are level 58, 336 armour, 152 max power, 19might 39 agility and 19 vitality. The leggins are level 60, 723 armour, 131 max power, 40 vitality, 40 agility, and 8 will. The jacket is level 59, 854 armour, 40 vitality, 40 might, and 158 max power. The shoulder is level 60, 260 armour, 40 might, 164 max power, 20 agility and 20 power. The helm is level 59, 256 armour, 158 max power, 20 agility, 40 might and 20 fate.

The mintrel armour is called song-caller and is light armor. The song-caller gloves are 60 level, 306 armor, 183 max morale, 20 vitality, 20 will, 20 fate, and 20 agility. The shoes are 237 armor, 58 level, 152 max power, 19 will, 19 fate, and 39 vitality. The trousers are 60 level, 510 armor, 164 max power, 20 vitality, 20 fate, and 40 will. The robe is 603 armor, 59 level, 158 max power, 20 fate, 40 will and 20 vitality. The shoulders are 60 level, 184 armor, 40 fate, 20 will, 20 vitality, 154 maximum power, and on use 167.6 power with a 10m cooldown. The level 59 hat is 181 armor, 176 max morale, 40 will and 40 vitality.

The captain armor is "of the brazen call" ie gauntlets of the brazen call and heavy armor.
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