Zone: Redhorn Lodes
Type: Instanced Dungeon in Gharaf-fehem
Level: 58 - 53
Location: 13.1S, 105.6W
Quests: Starting: 0, Involved: 3
Mobs: 8

"with lessons newly learned, the Iron Garrison cautiously seeks a local supply of ore within Moria to supplement their caravans. Within the Redhorn Lodes, out of the sight of the Orcs, they have discovered Tumun-ghar. With high hopes, they delve into this long abandoned mine, being always cautious not to delve too deep."

This dungeon instance is full of resources such as:
Khazad-copper Deposit
Khazad-tin Deposit
Rich Khazad-copper Deposit
Rich Khazad-tin Deposit


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