Zone: Angmar
Type: Instanced Dungeon in Imlad Balchorth
Level: 50 - 0
Location: 6.0N, 26.2W
Quests: Starting: 1, Involved: 1
Mobs: 8
The Heraldry of Lindon
"In the confusion which enued during the abandonment of Dolendath, many things were left behind by Goldir's company, not the least of which was the breastplate of the Elf-lord Laerdan. But other things lie in there as well... best left buried...."

Entrance to the Dolendath Instance.
If you come south to Imlad Balchorth, after you have crossed the bridge, and gone past the stone gate arch, follow the wall on you right, it will lead you straight to Dolendath. Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options

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