The Delving of Fror  

Zone: Ettenmoors
Type: Non-Instanced Dungeon in Steps of Gram
Level: 40 - 50
Location: 16.8S, 22.2W
Quests: Starting: 0, Involved: 0
Mobs: 32
You must control 3 of the 5 locations in the Ettenmoors to enter The Delving of Fror.

Only the side that has the most controlled locations in Ettenmoors, can enter this dungeon.

There are two entrances to this Dungeon,
1: The West Entrance to the Delving of Fror at LOC: 16.8S, 22.2W for the Creeps aka Monster Players in the Steps of Gram, on the hill next to Dar-gazag.

2: The East Entrance to the Delving of Fror at LOC: 16.2S, 12.5W for the Freeps aka Free Peoples in the Coldfells, on the hill next to Ost Ringdyr.

This dungeon is where you will find mobs that drop the:
Dull Spirit Stone
Glimmering Spirit Stone
Luminious Spirit Stone
These items are needed by all races, for their gear/traits/armor/weapons/potions an more... Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options
    The Delving of Fror