Tham Varan  

Zone: Evendim
Type: Ruins in Parth Aduial
Level: 32 - 35
Location: 12.1S, 63.9W
Quests: Starting: 2, Involved: 4
Mobs: 7
LOTRO Wiki Description

The estate of Tham Varan once belonged to one of the oldest and most prestigious families of Annúminas. They were known for a long, and at times byzantine, contest for influence in the royal courts of Arnor against their arch-rivals who lived near on at Tham Nambarth.

From this contentious situation arose a number of favored tales of intrigue, forbidden love, and all manner if noble improprieties that have tittilated the common folk for centuries since. Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options
    Tham Varan