Zone: Annuminas
Type: Ruins
Level: 38 - 40
Quests: Starting: 35, Involved: 7
Mobs: 32

LOTRO Wiki Description

Annúminas is the initial capital of the Kingdom of Arnor in the north of Eriador, founded on 3320 of the Second Age by Elendil.

In the city the main inherited objects of Númenor are guarded, like the Sceptre of Annúminas, symbol of the real power, the Stone of Annúminas, the Elendilmir, the Barahir Ring and the fragments of Narsil. In year 10 of the Third Age, after the death of Elendil and Isildur, the smaller son of this last one, Valandil, it occupies the throne of the city. In Annúminas they govern the seven following Kings of Arnor (Eldacar, Arantar, Tarcil, Tarondor, Valandur, Elendur and Eärendur), in the most prosperous and calm years of the kingdom.

In 810, Arnor is divided in three dominions, and Amlaith, first king of Arthedain, transfers the capital to Fornost, its city of adoption. Annúminas falls then in a progressive decay. Their last inhabitants leave definitively few centuries later, being left only a pile of ruins.

At the beginning of the Fourth Age Aragorn, proclaimed sovereign of the Unified Kingdom, it undertakes the works of reconstruction of the city, accompanied by Arwen.

The meaning `Tower of the West' (annûn = put of the sun, west, west; minas = tower).

It now lies in ruins, and is overrun by Angmarim, who are fighting the Rangers for control of the city. It contains three control points, which can be captured by the Free Peoples by defeating the respective named Angmarim. These camps are: Tirband, Gwaelband and Clorhir. After a certain amount of time, the camps will come under assault by Angmarim, and will be recaptured unless players are present to help fight them back.