The City of Orcs  

Category: Angmar
Type: Explorer
Trait Granted: Loyalty +1
Related Locations:Notes:
Find Asht-shapol
Find Dushkal's Lair
Find Fell-water Falls
Find Lagmas's Court
Find Lhugrien's Roost
Find Urugarth
Find Urugarth Kennels
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How to find them all ... and in the darkness bind them
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Good walkthrough:

Dushkal's Lair - follow the walkthrough or just take the path to the right when you enter the zone before you cross the bridge. Troll area.

Lhugrien's Roost - go to Arkur's area. Next to the ramp to his "throne" is a gate at 8.6N, 31.1W that leads north into the dragon area. Cross the bridge to get the update at 8.6N, 30.4W. You don't need to fight the dragon.

Urugarth Kennels 10.6N, 31.7W - after killing Arkur, wind your way all the way down, killing mobs and burning altars in the direction of the waterfall. Just follow the path to the kennels.

Fell-water Falls 10.5N, 31.0W - on the way to the Kennels (or you can backtrack) turn and go along the river bank before you cross the bridge. Follow the river and get the update.

Lagmas's Court 9.8N, 30.6W - backtrack and go across the bridge.

Asht-shapol - to enter Asht-shapol which holds the final boss, Lagmas, you have to first kill Gruglok and get the Steel Key from him. Once you have the steel key, you stand in front of the gate to Asht-shapol and click on the key in your inventory to open the gate which leads to Asht-shapol. Note: you don't have to actually kill Lagmas to get the update. Just entering is enough. But he will aggro. To kill Gruglok to get the key, you go north along the bank just before you enter Lagmas's Court and follow the path to his courtyard. It is a tough fight with several waves of adds before you fight Gruglok. It may be possible to pull him outside but I just zerged them.
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