Tombs of Evendim  

Category: Evendim
Type: Explorer
Trait Granted: Fidelity +1
Turbine Points Granted: 5
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Progress: 0 of 8
The kings of Annuminas were intered within tombs along the road to the gate of the city.

Nine were the kings that ruled over Arnor from this ancient seat of power, but not all of them were buried in the Way of Kings...

Find Haudh Earebdur
Find Haudh Elendur
Find Haudh Valandur
Find Haudh Elendil
Find Haudh Tarondor
Find Haudh Eldacar
Find Haudh Tarcil
Find Haudh Arantar

You can also suggested, but not required, get the quest:Gateways to the Past while doing this deed. Completing this deed, completes that quest, an vis-versa.

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