Mobs by Type: Creatures of Nature

Angler-stranglerDunland Dunbog 
Angry Hill-toadThe Shire Frogmoors 
BadgerThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Big Black BearThe Shire Bindbole Wood 
Bog GuardainEvendim The Eavespires 
Bog-prowler AmbusherLone-Lands The Circle of Blood 
Bog-tanglerDunland Dunbog 
Camouflaged Bog-prowlerLone-Lands Agamaur 
Corrupted Blood-mapleLone-Lands Agamaur 
Creeping Oak-rootThe Old Forest Old Forest, The Shifting Wood, Tomnoddy Corner 
Creeping Red-rootLone-Lands Agamaur 
Creeping Sand-lurkerEvendim Barandalf 
DarkheartLone-Lands Agamaur 
Dour-rootLone-Lands Agamaur 
Fell Bog-prowlerLone-Lands Agamaur, Garth Agarwen 
Fell Holly-tenderEregion Glad Ereg, Sad Rechu, Sad Thareg 
Fell Oak-rootBree-land The Forlorn Glade 
Fen-crawler StalkerTrollshaws The Blooming Fens 
Foraging Wood-bearThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Bolestones, The Hill 
FoxThe Shire Green Hill Country 
GloomleafLone-Lands Agamaur 
Grasping Holly-tenderEregion Glad Ereg, Pend Eregion, Sad Rechu, Sad Thareg 
Grasping Pond-lurkerTrollshaws Bar-e-Therchir, Eryn Singor 
Grasping Pool-lurkerDunland Dunbog 
Grasping Sand-lurkerEvendim Barandalf 
Grass-Stalker TrackerThe Shire Greenfields 
GreylimbThe Great River Limlight Glade 
Grim Barren-oakBree-land Old Forest, The Forlorn Glade 
GrimbarkLone-Lands Garth Agarwen (Arboretum)  
Haunted Barren-oakThe Old Forest The Old Oak's Grave 
Haunted OakEnedwaith Windfells 
Haunted Oak-rootEnedwaith Windfells 
Juvenile Hoar-mantleNorth Downs Nan Amlug East 
Leafcull Fell-mapleEttenmoors Hithlad 
Leafcull Shade-lurkerEttenmoors Hithlad 
Living VinesEnedwaith Mournshaws 
Lobelia The ToadThe Shire Frogmoors 
LongboughEvendim The Eavespires, The Twisted Grove 
Lurking Bog-prowlerLone-Lands Garth Agarwen, Garth Agarwen (Arboretum)  
Mad BadgerBree-land Chetwood 
Maddened BeehiveLone-Lands Garth Agarwen (Arboretum)  
Marsh-strider AmbusherNorth Downs Meluinen 
Marsh-strider TrapperNorth Downs Meluinen 
Mature Black-bearThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Menacing HournThe Great River Limlight Gorge 
Midgewater FrogBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Mirk-huornMirkwood Sad Meryrn 
Moss-back (Bog-prowler)Lone-Lands The Circle of Blood 
Moss-patch TanglerEttenmoors The Delving of Fror 
Mossy Pool-lurkerDunland Dunbog 
NaruhelLone-Lands Spring of the Red Maid 
Old RootThe Shire The Great Willow 
Peat-crawlerTrollshaws Gladdalf 
Pond-lurkerTrollshaws Bar-e-Therchir, Eryn Singor 
QuickbeamNan Curunir Quickbeam's Grove 
Rad Cened CreeperMirkwood Rad Cened 
Red FoxArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, North Downs, The Shire Archet Dale, Archet Dale (pre-instance), Bree-fields, Bridgefields, Chetwood North, Chetwood South, Green Hill Country, North Bridgefields 
Ribbon SnakeThe Shire Frogmoors, The Marish 
Rot-heart (Bog-prowler)Lone-Lands Garth Agarwen (Arboretum)  
RottenrootEttenmoors The Delving of Fror 
Scurrying Harbour-ratEred Luin Falathlorn 
Shire White-tail BuckThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Bree-fields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields, Rushock Bog, The Marish 
Snarling WolfThe Shire Bree-fields, Tookland, Wolf Den (The Shire) 
Snow-LurkerMisty Mountains Bruinen Source West 
SquirrelThe Shire Great Smials 
Stagnant OakEvendim Glinghant 
Stalking HournThe Great River Limlight Gorge 
Summoned Root (Ally of Zagafum)Eregion Tawarond 
Summoned Root (Ally of Rotting Pine-lord)Evendim The Twisted Grove 
Summoned Root (Ally of Fen-crawler Stalker)Trollshaws The Blooming Fens 
Summoned RootEttenmoors Hithlad 
Summoned Root (Ally of Fen-crawler Binder)Trollshaws The Blooming Fens 
Summoned Root (Ally of Lurking Bog-prowler)Lone-Lands Garth Agarwen (Arboretum)  
Swamp-lurkerAngmar Eastern Malenhad, Malenhad, Western Malenhad 
The Twisted HeartEvendim The Twisted Grove 
ThickbarkThe Great River Limlight Glade 
Thrashing Red-rootLone-Lands Garth Agarwen (Arboretum)  
Twisted Blood-mapleLone-Lands Agamaur 
Twisted Blood-oakLone-Lands Agamaur 
Twisted Dead-rootBree-land The Old Oak's Grave 
Twisted HollyEregion Glad Ereg, Sad Rechu, Sad Thareg 
TwistrootThe Great River Limlight Glade 
Undergrowth TanglerTrollshaws The Blooming Fens 
Vicious Hill-bearEred Luin Haudh Lin 
Vile Bog-prowlerLone-Lands Haragmar, The Circle of Blood 
Walking-treeThe Shire Lob's Grove 
Warped Blood-oakLone-Lands Agamaur 
Warped OakThe Old Forest Old Forest, Tomnoddy Corner 
Weak Black HuornDunlending Storm on Methedras 
WildthornBree-land The Forlorn Glade 
Wrathful HuornMirkwood Sad Meryrn 
Wretched Barrow-mapleSouthern Barrow-downs Southern Barrow-downs 
Writhing Marsh-striderNorth Downs Meluinen 
Young Hill-bearEred Luin Haudh Lin