Mobs by NPC Type: Expert Tailor

Ansa (Expert Tailor), Expert TailorForochel Great Lodge of Suri-kyla 
Ardir (Expert Tailor), Expert TailorMirkwood Crafting Hall (Ost Galadh) 
Expert Tailor (Stangard) , Expert TailorStangard Stangard 
Fielo (Expert Tailor), Expert TailorThorin's Hall Blue Stone Garrison 
Fladdan (Expert Tailor), Expert TailorLothlorien The Vinyards of Lorien 
Fladdan (Expert Tailor), Expert TailorNorth Downs Craft-hall of Esteldin 
Fladron (Expert Tailor), Expert TailorLothlorien Crafting Hall (Caras Galadhon) 
Glond, Expert TailorZelem-melek Crafting Bunker 
Regau (Expert Tailor), Expert TailorEnedwaith The Hall of Making 
Toby Eatwell (Tailor's Guild Improved Recipes), Expert TailorNorth Downs Tailor's Guild Hall