Mobs by Area: Bridgefields

BadgerThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Bold WolfThe Shire Bridgefields, Puddifoot's Fields 
Burrowing ShrewThe Shire Bridgefields, Budgeford, Green Hill Country, The Marish 
Harvest FlyThe Shire Bridgefields, Green Hill Country, The Marish 
Mature Black-bearThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Milo BolgerThe Shire Bridgefields 
Red FoxArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, North Downs, The Shire Archet Dale, Archet Dale (pre-instance), Bree-fields, Bridgefields, Chetwood North, Chetwood South, Green Hill Country, North Bridgefields 
Shire White-tail DoeThe Shire Bree-fields, Bridgefields, Green Hill Country, The Marish 
WolfThe Shire Bridgefields, Bridgefields Wall, Green Hill Country, Puddifoot's Fields, The Marish 
Wolf HunterThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields