Gyrgir (Novice Jeweller), Novice Jeweller  

Race: Dwarf
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: Ered Luin
Found in Areas: Gondamon
Location: 20.1S, 97.1W
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin
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    Gyrgir (Novice Jeweller)
NameTypeMin LevelCost
Agate Bracelet Recipe Recipe 2s 76c
Amethyst Earring Recipe Recipe 6s 40c
Bloodstone Earring Recipe Recipe 6s 84c
Jeweller's Tools Tool 2s
Opal Bracelet Recipe Recipe 6s 84c
Ruby Earring Recipe Recipe 16s 52c
Runic Striking Symbol Ingredient 2s 40c
Runic Vanquishing Symbol Component 2s 40c
Sapphire Bracelet Recipe Recipe 15s 24c