Dafri, Novice Cook  

Race: Dwarf
Found in Zones: Ered Luin
Found in Areas: Gondamon
Location: 20.2S, 97.1W (post-instance)
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NameTypeMin LevelCost
Ale Yeast Component 24c
Apprentice's Ale Recipe Recipe 5s 80c
Bag of Salt Ingredient 1s 12c
Blueberry Ale Recipe Recipe 6s 20c
Bold Stout Beer Recipe Recipe 5s 80c
Bottle of Water Ingredient 24c
Campfire Materials Recipe Recipe 6s 40c
Catfish Cakes Recipe Recipe 6s 84c
Chicken Egg Ingredient 24c
Clay Pot Ingredient 4s
Coarse Flour Ingredient 24c
Coney Ingredient 60c
Cooking Supplies Tool 2s
Crude Oats and Honey Recipe Recipe 6s 20c
Cut of Beef Ingredient 1s 12c
Drop of Honey Ingredient 56c
Fried Dace with Mushrooms Recipe Recipe 6s 40c
Honeybrew Beer Recipe Recipe 13s 88c
Kindling Material Ingredient 1s 60c
Lager Yeast Component 24c
Lamb Bones Ingredient 1s 20c
Lamb Kidney Ingredient 1s 12c
Lard Ingredient 24c
Lump of Butter Ingredient 24c
Lute Strings of Minor Subtlety Recipe Recipe 5s 80c
Pork Shank Ingredient 24c
Prepared Golding Hops Recipe Recipe 6s 20c
Prepared North Downs Hops Recipe Recipe 5s 80c
Prepared Pride of Chetwood Hops Recipe Recipe 13s 88c
Raw Pork Sausage Ingredient 60c
Shire Seasonings Ingredient 60c
Shire Spice Ale Recipe Recipe 13s 88c
Small Clay Pot Ingredient 1s 60c
Spring Barley Mash Recipe Recipe 5s 80c
Uncooked Bacon Ingredient 1s 20c
Uncooked Pork Chops Ingredient 1s 20c
Vegetable Oil Ingredient 60c
Water Component 4c