Doron (Ally of Your Name)  

Race: The Dead
Difficulty: Signature
Aggro: Friendly
Level: 75
Max Morale: 13,944
Max Power: 1,077
Found in Zones: The Great River
Found in Areas: Ost Celebrant , Parth Celebrant
Location: 29.5S, 56.8W Roaming
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This npc follows you after you use the Horn, an will grant quest in only certain areas. He will also fight for you, and does not cancel any quest if he dies.

While active this npc grants & completes quests, but only in certain locations, in order to get the quest you must either already have this npc summoned & following, or summon the npc at the given location for the quest.

You get this npc from the quest:
The Battle of Ost Celebrant

Locations with maps: The Great River
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    Doron (Ally of Your Name)