Blogkritar (Bog-warden)  

Race: The Dead
Difficulty: Rare Master Elite
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 32
Max Morale: 11,422
Max Power: 2,530
Found in Zones: Lone-Lands
Found in Areas: Garth Agarwen (Barrows)
Location: 27.8S, 23.3W
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The way to Ivar is now open

This npc has to be defeated in order to open the way to Ivar.

Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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NameTypeMin Level
Adamant Shard Component
Dark-steel Sword of Might One-Handed Sword lvl 33
Decrepit Finger Bone Trophy
Enduring Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads of Vigour Light Armour lvl 32
Foul Grave Dust Pile Trophy
Fragment of Dunedain Script Resource
Gleaming Elven Leather Gauntlets Medium Armour lvl 33
Heartwood Pocket lvl 32
Heavy Pauldron Fragment Trophy
Hooden Woven Cloak of Fate Light Armour lvl 34
Longsword of Determination Either Hand lvl 34
Necklace of the Green Leaf Neck lvl 32
Peace Band Finger lvl 32
Steel Battle Spear Spear lvl 33
Thrusting Spear of the Spirit Spear lvl 34
Tough Dwarf Steel Jacket Heavy Armour lvl 32
Wooden Kite Shield Shield lvl 38
Wooden Long Bow Bow lvl 32