Young Cave-claw  

Race: Beast
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Threatening
Level: 2 - 3
Max Morale: 73
Max Power: 59
Found in Zones: Thorin's Gate, Thorin's Gate (pre-instance)
Found in Areas: Mirkstone Tunnels, Mirkstone Tunnels (oustide), Rockbelly Pit, Silver Deep, Silver Deep Mine, Thorin's Gates
Location: 14.3S, 104.6W (post-instance) Roaming
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Locations with maps: Thorin's Gate
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    Young Cave-claw
NameTypeMin Level
Broken Claw Trophy
Cave Claw Digit Trophy
Cave Claw Nail Trophy
Cave-claw Leg Quest Item
Extremely Sharp Cave Claw Claw Trophy lvl 1
Light Hide Resource
Mangy Skin Trophy
Monstrous Cave Claw Digit Trophy
Tin Token Barter Item
Tiny Carapace Trophy
Tiny Mandible Trophy