The Watcher  

Race: Ancient Evil
Difficulty: Arch-Nemesis
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 64
Found in Zones: The Water-Works
Found in Areas: The Vile Maw
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The Watcher is a raid mob.

The Watcher wounds you with Vile Scream for 10,289 points of Acid.

This npc has MASSIVE DREAD, it is suggested that you get some radiance armour, before fighting it, and acid resist gear/traits.

Going into the room with The Watcher in it, you will get
You are wounded for 169 points of Acid damage.
So keep in mind, you get damage just for being in the room with this mob, unless you have resist gear.

Locations with maps: The Water-Works
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    The Watcher
NameTypeMin Level
Belegrin Finger lvl 60
Black Pearl Ear lvl 60
Guardian's Belt of the First Age Advanceable lvl 59
Herengaim Light Armour lvl 60
Jofur-Klath Light Armour lvl 60
Malak-zudur Medium Armour lvl 60
Manadhgor Finger lvl 60
Platinum Coin of Heart Barter Item
Watcher's Token Barter Item