Race: Beast
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 51
Max Morale: 1,447
Max Power: 218
Found in Zones: Eregion
Found in Areas: Emyn Naer, Ulundin
Location: Roaming
Scrub-lizard in Eregion
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Scrub-lizards emit a spray, placing the Gecko Pheromone debuff on you. It only lasts 12 seconds but if you move within range of another lizard while that debuff is on you the normally non-aggressive lizard will immediately attack. This could prove fatal so be warned!


Locations with maps: Eregion
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NameTypeMin Level
Barbed Claw Trophy
Charming Tail Trophy
Faded Heritage Rune of Learning Rune lvl 50
Faded Heritage Rune of Lore Rune lvl 50