Thillosil (Supplier & Provisoner), Supplier  

Race: Elf
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: Eregion
Found in Areas: Gwingris
Location: 40.1S, 16.0W
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Locations with maps: Eregion
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NameTypeMin LevelCost
Ancient Steel Blade Mould Ingredient 7s 20c
Ancient Steel Bolts Component 7s 92c
Ancient Steel Cutlery Mould Ingredient 7s 20c
Bag of Salt Ingredient 1s 12c
Bolt of Cotton Cloth Ingredient 16s
Bolt of Elven-cloth Ingredient 7s 20c
Bolt of Linen Cloth Ingredient 2s 40c
Bolt of Magnificent Cloth Ingredient 8s 80c
Bolt of Rough Cloth Ingredient 1s 60c
Bolt of Silk Cloth Ingredient 5s 60c
Bundle of Athelas Leaves Ingredient 2s 40c
Bundle of Greater Athelas Leaves Ingredient 4s
Bundle of Lesser Athelas Leaves Ingredient 1s 60c
Bundle of Potent Athelas Leaves Ingredient 35s 20c
Bundle of Pure Athelas Leaves Ingredient 7s 20c
Bundle of Refined Athelas Leaves Ingredient 5s 60c
Dry Rations Food lvl 10 48c
Hard Rations Food lvl 20 1s 12c
Rack of Lamb Ingredient 4s 20c
Rich Rations Food lvl 30 1s 60c
Sharp Cheese Wheel Ingredient 2s 12c
Simple Rations Food 4c
Tasty Rations Food lvl 40 2s 20c
Travelling Rations Food 2s
Vinegar Component 4s 16c