Esyld (Wight)  

Race: The Dead
Difficulty: Elite Master
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 32
Max Morale: 13,427
Max Power: 4,744
Found in Zones: Lone-Lands
Found in Areas: Garth Agarwen
Location: 28.9S, 24.1W
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The Brother's Chest only appears when you have killed the two brother wights, Esyld & Edan, who stand guard near the Garth Agarwen Gate.

Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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NameTypeMin Level
Broad-head Halberd Halberd lvl 28
Broken Short Bow Trophy
Decrepit Finger Bone Trophy
Elven Pointed Helm Medium Armour lvl 32
Gold Token Barter Item
Heavy Breastplate Fragment Trophy
Heavy Pauldron Fragment Trophy
Large Skull Trophy
Relic of Lothlorien Resource
Rune of Striking Recipe Recipe
Scale Breastplate of Vigour Heavy Armour lvl 32
Silver Token Barter Item
Stained Treasure Trophy
Torn Shirt Trophy
Warrior-ring Quest Item