Gramsfoot Spear-flinger  

Race: Orc-kind
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 37
Max Morale: 1,330
Max Power: 297
Found in Zones: Evendim
Found in Areas: Tum Fuin
Location: Roaming
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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    Gramsfoot Spear-flinger
NameTypeMin Level
Adamant Resource
Broken Longsword Trophy
Dwarf Leather Boots Medium Armour lvl 35
Dwarf Leather Gauntlets Medium Armour lvl 35
Dwarf Padded Jacket Light Armour lvl 35
Elven Leather Gloves Medium Armour lvl 35
Enduring Elven Leather Leggings of Courage Medium Armour lvl 35
Forged Elven-steel Dagger Recipe Recipe
Forged Elven-steel Greatsword Recipe Recipe
Forged Elven-steel Headman's Axe Recipe Recipe
Forged Elven-steel Mace Recipe Recipe
Forged Elven-steel Sword Recipe Recipe
Fragment of Dunedain Script Resource
Glittering White Gold Ring Recipe Recipe
Gold Token Barter Item
Greater Athelas Essence Potion lvl 25
Greater Celebrant Salve Potion lvl 25
Heavy Elven Soldier's Armour Recipe Recipe
Heavy Elven Soldier's Boots Recipe Recipe
Heavy Elven Soldier's Gloves Recipe Recipe
Heavy Elven Soldier's Helm Recipe Recipe
Heavy Elven Soldier's Leggings Recipe Recipe
Heavy Elven Soldier's Shoulder Guards Recipe Recipe
Heavy Elven Soldiers' Shield Recipe Recipe
Major Maid-at-arms Herald Armaments Recipe Recipe
Mathom Reputation
Padded Pristine Armour Recipe Recipe
Padded Pristine Cloak Recipe Recipe
Padded Pristine Hat Recipe Recipe
Padded Pristine Leggings Recipe Recipe
Padded Pristine Shoes Recipe Recipe
Padded Pristine Shoulder Guards Recipe Recipe
Polished Westernesse Axe Recipe Recipe
Polished Westernesse Dagger Recipe Recipe
Polished Westernesse Greatsword Recipe Recipe
Polished Westernesse Halberd Recipe Recipe
Polished Westernesse Headman's Axe Recipe Recipe
Polished Westernesse Mace Recipe Recipe
Polished Westernesse Sword Recipe Recipe
Refined Conhuith Draught Potion
Refined Healing Draught Potion
Refined Healing Salve Potion
Refined Lhinestad Draught Potion
Refined Milkthistle Draught Potion
Refined Milkthistle Salve Potion
Refined Salve of Conhuith Potion
Refined Salve of Lhinestad Potion
Reinforced Elven Steel Shoulder Guards of Fate Heavy Armour lvl 37
Relic of Lothlorien Resource
Rusted Chainmail Vest Trophy
Smooth Oats and Honey Recipe Recipe