Flora Thistledown (Jewelry Trader), Trader  

Race: Man
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: Angmar
Found in Areas: Gath Forthnir, Himbar
Location: 10.4N, 24.1W
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Locations with maps: Angmar
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    Flora Thistledown
NameTypeMin LevelCost
Arcane Bracelet Wrist lvl 50
Band of Loyalty Finger lvl 50
Bronze Chest of Merit Inventory
Earring of Charity Ear lvl 50
Earring of Justice Ear lvl 50
Friendship Wrist-band Wrist lvl 50
Gold Chest of Merit Inventory
Noble Bracelet Wrist lvl 50
Ring of Intent Finger lvl 50
Signet of Valour Finger lvl 50
Silver Chest of Merit Inventory
Vile Silver Coin Barter Item