Rotting Wood-troll  

Race: Troll-kind
Difficulty: Signature
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 36 - 37
Max Morale: 6,936
Max Power: 1,219
Found in Zones: Evendim
Found in Areas: The Twisted Grove
Location: Roaming
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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    Rotting Wood-troll
NameTypeMin Level
Adamant Resource
Broken Halberd Trophy
Broken Longsword Trophy
Elven Quilted Vest of Determination Light Armour lvl 35
Gleaming Dwarf Heavy Helm Heavy Armour lvl 40
Heavy Round-head Mallet Two-Handed Hammer lvl 39
Knotted Branch Trophy
Leather Shoes of Fleetness Medium Armour lvl 39
Mathom Reputation
Rotten Limb Quest Item
Rounded Club One-Handed Club lvl 38
Shining Dwarf Steel Shoulder Pads Heavy Armour lvl 37
Slender Club of Stamina One-Handed Club
Superb Hunter's Shoulder Guards Recipe Recipe
Well-kept Mathom Reputation
Wood Kite Shield Shield lvl 38
Wooden Javelin Javelin lvl 35