Ivar the Blood-hand (Minion of Battle)  

Race: Ancient Evil
Difficulty: Elite Master
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 32
Max Morale: 11,730
Max Power: 2,530
Found in Zones: Lone-Lands
Found in Areas: Agamaur, Garth Agarwen, Garth Agarwen (Barrows), Ivar's Crypt
Location: 28.1S, 23.1W
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You do not fight Ivar in either instance:
Instance: Othrongroth
Instance: The Red-Pass

Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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    Ivar the Blood-hand
NameTypeMin Level
Authri Light Armour lvl 32
Flat-headed Mace of Strengthening One-Handed Mace lvl 34
Frost-felt Rune-stone lvl 32
Garth Agarwen Gate Key Key
Gaunlets of Watchtower Heavy Armour lvl 32
Gild-hilt Great Sword of Strengthening Two-Handed Sword lvl 33
Glint Ear lvl 32
High Pass Gate Key Key
Ivar's Banner Barter Item
Ivar's Helm Quest Item
Shining Dwarf Padded Shoes Light Armour lvl 33
Spiked Poleaxe Halberd lvl 32
Thrusting Spear Main Hand lvl 33