Munglug the Egg-keeper  

Race: Dragon-kind
Difficulty: Nemesis
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 51
Max Morale: 45,753
Max Power: 8,735
Found in Zones: Ettenmoors
Found in Areas: The Delving of Fror
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NameTypeMin Level
Bainhidh Medium Armour lvl 50
Bow of Nimrodel Bow lvl 48
Deadly Dagger Either Hand lvl 45
Dull Spirit Stone Barter Item
Dwarf Steel Gloves of Might Heavy Armour lvl 45
Finely Woven Grand Master Standard of War Recipe Recipe
Glimmering Spirit Stone Barter Item
Gloves of Mirkwood Light Armour lvl 47
Hateful Worm Eye Trophy
Hermit's Rage Two-Handed Club lvl 48
Honed Breat-sword Two-Handed Sword lvl 45
Jeweled Necklace of Rallying Neck lvl 48
Knocker One-Handed Mace lvl 45
Luminious Spirit Stone Barter Item
Misty Rerebracers Light Armour lvl 45
Necklace of the High Pass Neck lvl 48
Orc-clasher Main Hand lvl 45
Orechor Wrist lvl 45
Shining Dwarf Leather Boots Medium Armour lvl 50
Shining Leather Shoulder Guards Medium Armour lvl 47
Superb Radiant Gloves Recipe Recipe