Rudbereth (Supplier), Supplier  

Race: Man
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: North Downs
Found in Areas: Craft-hall of Esteldin
Location: 9.7S, 40.5W
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NameTypeMin LevelCost
Ball of Twine Component 2s 40c
Chicken Egg Ingredient 24c
Coarse Flour Ingredient 24c
Cooking Supplies Tool 2s
Dry Rations Food lvl 10 48c
Dwarf-steel Bolts Component 6s 16c
Dwarf-steel File Component 6s 16c
Dwarf-steel Nails Component 6s 16c
Dwarf-steel Sphere Mould Component 6s 16c
Dwarf-steel Spike Mould Component 6s 16c
Dye Wash Consumable 20s
Farming Tools Tool 2s
Forester's Axe Tool 2s
Gut Strings Component 2s 40c
Hard Rations Food lvl 20 1s 12c
High-Grade Steel Bolts Component 4s
High-Grade Steel File Component 4s
High-Grade Steel Nails Component 4s
High-Grade Steel Sphere Mould Component 4s
High-Grade Steel Spike Mould Component 4s
Jeweller's Tools Tool 2s
Kindling Material Ingredient 1s 60c
Lard Ingredient 24c
Low-Grade Steel Bolts Component 2s 40c
Low-Grade Steel File Component 2s 40c
Low-Grade Steel Nails Component 2s 40c
Low-Grade Steel Sphere Mould Component 2s 40c
Low-Grade Steel Spike Mould Component 2s 40c
Lump of Butter Ingredient 24c
Lump of Coal Ingredient 2s 40c
Lump of Wax Component 24c
Piece of Chalk Ingredient 1s 60c
Pile of Dye Salts Ingredient 1s 60c
Pork Shank Ingredient 24c
Prospector's Tools Tool 2s
Rich Rations Food lvl 30 1s 60c
Runic Striking Symbol Ingredient 2s 40c
Runic Vanquishing Symbol Component 2s 40c
Simple Rations Food 4c
Smithing Hammer Tool 2s
Spool of Elven-thread Ingredient 7s 20c
Spool of Silk Thread Ingredient 5s 60c
Tailor's Tools Tool 2s
Tasty Rations Food lvl 40 2s 20c
Travelling Rations Food 2s
Water Component 4c
Wooden Pegs Component 2s 40c
Woodworking Tools Tool 2s