Race: Creatures of Nature
Difficulty: Elite Master
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 32
Max Morale: 11,847
Max Power: 2,530
Found in Zones: Lone-Lands
Found in Areas: Garth Agarwen (Arboretum)
Location: 29.9S, 24.7W
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Has maddened beehives linked.

Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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NameTypeMin Level
Chainmail Shoulder Pads of Fleetness Heavy Armour lvl 31
Enduring Scale Gloves of Vigour Heavy Armour lvl 30
Greaves of Endless Battle Heavy Armour lvl 32
Grim-stalk Javelin lvl 32
Grimbark's Wooden Heart Trophy
Heartwood Pocket lvl 32
Red-stained Boots Medium Armour lvl 32
Reinforced Copper Armband of Defence Wrist lvl 30
Reinforced Leather Gauntlets Medium Armour lvl 30
Rune-stone of Endurance Main Hand lvl 30
Stoutroot One-Handed Sword lvl 30