Hodor Thornberry, Weapon Trader  

Race: Hobbit
Found in Zones: Archet (pre-instance)
Found in Areas: Archet
Location: 25.2S, 49.1W
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Locations with maps: Archet (pre-instance)
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    Hodor Thornberry
NameTypeMin LevelCost
Balanced Dagger Dagger 1s 24c
Balanced Dagger Dagger lvl 5 2s 44c
Crude Club One-Handed Club 1s 92c
Crude Club One-Handed Club lvl 5 3s 36c
Felling Axe One-Handed Axe lvl 5 3s 60c
Great Root Club Two-Handed Club 5s 60c
Hatchet One-Handed Axe 2s 16c
Long Hatchet Two-Handed Axe lvl 1 5s 60c
Long-Handled Hammer Two-Handed Hammer 5s 60c
Oak Staff Staff 3s 12c
Rusty Greatsword Two-Handed Sword 5s 60c
Shortsword One-Handed Sword lvl 1 2s 16c
Shortsword One-Handed Sword lvl 5 3s 60c
Spiked Wooden Mace One-Handed Mace lvl 5 3s 36c
Steel Hammer One-Handed Hammer 1s 92c
Steel Hammer One-Handed Hammer lvl 5 3s 36c
Throwing Dagger Throwing Weapon lvl 1 80c
Wooden Staff Staff 3s 12c