Race: Spider/Insect
Difficulty: Arch-Nemesis
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 52
Max Morale: 140,287
Max Power: 22,366
Found in Zones: Misty Mountains
Found in Areas: Torech Mordeloth
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NameTypeMin Level
Drugoth's Ring Quest Item
Gloves of the Aurochs Medium Armour lvl 50
Greenleave's Lucky Rabbit's Foot Pocket lvl 47
Necklace of Khazad-Dum Neck lvl 48
Oakenthorn Spear lvl 50
Robes of Ithilnathā€¸ Light Armour lvl 50
Silver-voice Boots Light Armour lvl 50
Stone-cleaver Two-Handed Axe lvl 50
Westernesse Padded Shoes of Fleetness Light Armour lvl 48
Zaudru's Crimson Mandible Inventory
Zaudru's Leg Inventory
Zaudru's Stinger Barter Item