Race: Giant-kind
Difficulty: Arch-Nemesis
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 53
Max Morale: 214,840
Max Power: 18,315
Found in Zones: Misty Mountains
Found in Areas: Helegrod
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NameTypeMin Level
Bracers of the Bear Wrist lvl 58
Breath-ender Bow
Dolamath Medium Armour lvl 50
Dragon-scale Gloves Heavy Armour lvl 50
Drugoth's Staff Quest Item
Helegrod Barter-stick Barter Item
High-protector's Gloves Heavy Armour lvl 50
Longond Two-Handed Club lvl 50
Nestedil Ear lvl 50
Scrap of Storvagun's Armour Barter Item
Shadow-stalker Boots Medium Armour lvl 50
Storvagun's Emblem of Loyalty Quest Item