Thursday, October the 25th, 2012

New Quests: Death From AboveStirring the NestWyrm-father

New Items: Exquisite Great River Ring of ValourEnduring Great River Armour of PrecisionElegant DressExquisite Great River Ring of TacticsLarge Westfold SymbolExquisite Great River Ring of ResolveExquisite Great River Ring RecipeLarge Westfold Symbol RecipeGreat River Ring RecipeExquisite Bracelet of the Aurochs Exquisite Bracelet of the BearExquisite Bracelet of the FoxExquisite Bracelet of the HartExquisite Bracelet of the RabbitExquisite Earring of the AurochsExquisite Earring of the BearExquisite Earring of the FoxExquisite Earring of the HartExquisite Earring of the RabbitExquisite Necklace of the AurochsExquisite Necklace of the BearExquisite Necklace of the Fox Exquisite Necklace of the Hart Exquisite Necklace of the RabbitExquisite Ring of the AurochsExquisite Ring of the BearExquisite Ring of the Fox Exquisite Ring of the HartExquisite Ring of the RabbitGreat River Ring of Tactics Great River Ring of ResolveGreat River Ring of ValourGreat River Armour RecipeWestfold Tailorr's JournalGreat River Armour of PrecisionGreat River Armour of StrengthEnduring Great River Armour of StrengthGreat River Armour of ResolveEnduring Great River Armour of ResolveLarge Westfold Pattern RecipeLarge Westfold PatternIll-crafted SwordThe Wyrm-father's ScaleEnduring Great River Armour Recipe

New Mobs: Wyrm-fatherOfframVicious Wold-boar

New Recipes: Large Westfold SymbolExquisite Great River RingGreat River RingGreat River ArmourEnduring Great River ArmourLarge Westfold Pattern

Updated Deeds: Dragon-kind Slayer of the EastemnetDragon-kind Slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Beast-slayer of the EastemnetBeast-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)

Updated Quests: Task: Blotchy Skins (Rohan)Task: Speckled Ears (Rohan)Task: Shattered Clubs (Rohan)Task: Tarnished Sword Sheaths (Rohan)

Updated Items: Lesser Athelas EssenceBright Gold RingGreen Dragon's Breath AleRefined Celebrant SalveBrilliant Gold RingTough Cloth CloakArnorian Armour FragmentsRune of Winged DominanceStout Cotton CloakPurple FireworksMarkTarnished Heritage Rune of LearningPlain Heritage Rune of KnowledgeTarnished Heritage Rune of LoreTarnished Heritage Rune of KnowledgeFused Bronze RelicsTarnished Heritage Rune of LegendToken of SalutationSilver Token of the WildsHelegrod MarkEregion MarkAnnuminas MarkShining Silver Earring Tome of Sustained ExperienceSoldier's SummoningBlotchy SkinCracked Rhi Helvarch SigilMaster Westfold Jeweller's JournalScroll of Greater EmpowermentPiece of Glazed LeatherMap to Forochel - Suri-kylaMap to Angmar - AughaireMap to Lone-lands - Ost GuruthShardPiece of Finished LeatherHigh-quality Calenard IngotMedallionSturdy Steel KeyPolished Green GarnetStrawberry TartSpeckled EarMorale Potion (Tier 7)Morale Potion (Tier 6)Morale Potion (Tier 4)Morale Potion (Tier 8)Golden Token of the AnduinSilver Token of the Anduin Ornate Heritage Rune of LoreScroll of CombinationMap to Lothlorien - Echad AndestelSilver Token of the RiddermarkUniversal Healing PotionRiddermark HidePiece of Sealed WaxRed AgateEastemnet Jeweller Scroll Case Eastemnet Cook's Scroll CaseEastemnet Metalsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Scholar's Scroll CaseEastemnet Tailor's Scroll CaseEastemnet Weaponsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Woodworker's Scroll CaseRiddermark-bound LootboxDelicate TailSharp ScaleTarnished Sword SheathShattered ClubStained SkinHeavy Bridle of the Third AgeLight Bridle of the Third AgeMedium Bridle of the Third Age

Updated Mobs: MirchirilPorto HornblowerJarmarr (Tailor's Guild)ColbrandEastemnet BoarVale-drakelingYoung Vale-drakeBrigand Treasure-hunterWold Salamander (Ally of Cinder)Brigand Treasure-hunter


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