Wednesday, October the 24h, 2012

New Quests: Hindering the HordeInstance: The Tourney Field: Mounted Combat TutorialRiding Against FliesCorrupted SalamandersMounted Combat Tutorial (repeatable)Eliminating the Noise-makersMarsh-reedsWarband: CinderSpreading the CorruptionRelics from the DeadMeet HardingWarband: Bughrakh

New Items: Heavy Bridle of the Third AgeLight Bridle of the Third AgeMedium Bridle of the Third AgeMarsh ReedBlue Box of Wold Spoils Twisted Finger BoneDraugar Relic+5 Hope Token (40 min)Floodwend BannerRed Box of Wold Spoils

New Mobs: Vale-drakelingYoung Vale-drakeBrigand Treasure-hunterAnmarCeolstanWold Marsh-flyCinderCaptain AgelmundCrazed Wold SalamanderWold Salamander (Ally of Cinder)Wold DraugBrigand Treasure-hunterBughrakh

New Areas: Western Cliving Watchtower

New Deeds: Nurseries of the WyrmdelfThe Defences of Eastern Rohan

New Objects: Drake-eggsMarsh Reed

New/ Titles: Nursery-bogie Fort-finder

Updated Deeds: Dragon-kind Slayer of the EastemnetDragon-kind Slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Brigand-slayer of the EastemnetBrigand-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Ancient Evil-slayer of the EastemnetAncient Evil-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)

Updated Quests: The Tourney Field: Mounted Combat TutorialTask: Punctured Shields (Rohan)Task: Blotchy Skins (Rohan)Task: Decorative Sword Sheaths (Rohan)Task: Speckled Ears (Rohan)Task: Sharp Scales (Rohan)Task: Shattered Clubs (Rohan)Task: Stained Skins (Rohan)Task: Tarnished Sword Sheaths (Rohan)

Updated Items: Arnorian Armour FragmentsMarkTarnished Heritage Rune of LearningJade GemstoneTarnished Heritage Rune of LoreTarnished Heritage Rune of KnowledgeTarnished Heritage Rune of LegendHelegrod MarkEregion MarkAnnuminas MarkPlain Heritage Rune of LegendPunctured ShieldBirch Sapwood BranchBlotchy SkinSuperior Fourth MarkSealMedallionSturdy Steel KeyPrismatic ScaleThick TailDecorative Sword SheathIcky FilthSticky GooGlassy CarapaceCalenard-bound LootboxSpeckled EarSilver Token of the Anduin Fading EssenceTome of Continuing Mark AcquisitionSilver Token of the RiddermarkScrap of Rohirric TextRiddermark HidePiece of Sealed WaxEastemnet Jeweller Scroll Case Eastemnet Cook's Scroll CaseEastemnet Metalsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Scholar's Scroll CaseEastemnet Tailor's Scroll CaseEastemnet Weaponsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Woodworker's Scroll CaseLight Bridle of the Third AgeMedium Bridle of the Third AgeHeavy Bridle of the Third AgeDelicate TailSharp ScaleTarnished Sword SheathShattered ClubStained Skin

Updated Areas: Dwolung Hole


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