Tuesday, October the 23rd, 2012

New Quests: Task: Stubby Beak (Rohan)Task: Weathered Beak (Rohan)Task: Split Branches (Rohan)Task: Tinted Carapaces (Rohan)Task: Contorted Ear (Rohan)Task: Fetid Filth (Rohan)Task: Silky Fur (Rohan)Task: Unkempt Fur (Rohan)Task: Sharp Scales (Rohan)Task: Shattered Clubs (Rohan)Task: Ripped Cloaks (Rohan)Task: Stained Skins (Rohan)Task: Tarnished Sword Sheaths (Rohan)Task: Ornate Sword Sheaths (Rohan)Task: Fuzzy Wings (Rohan)Task: Bent Wings (Rohan)

New Items: Delicate TailSharp ScaleTarnished Sword SheathShattered ClubStained SkinStubby BeakWeathered BeakSplit BranchTinted CarapaceContorted EarFetid FilthSilky FurUnkempt FurRipped CloakOrnate Sword SheathFuzzy WingBent Wing

Updated Deeds: Cities of Eastern RohanQuests of LangholdDragon-kind Slayer of the EastemnetDragon-kind Slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Beast-slayer of the EastemnetBeast-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Brigand-slayer of the EastemnetBrigand-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Ruins, Tombs, and Monuments of the EastemnetOrc-slayer of the EastemnetOrc-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)East Wall ExplorerQuests of the East WallAncient Evil-slayer of the EastemnetAncient Evil-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Uruk-slayer of the EastemnetUruk-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Enemies of the RohirrimFarms and Crofts of the EastemnetThe Wilds of the EastemnetWhere Evil Creatures DwellKnown to the WoldFriend to the Wold

Updated Objects: Mirror of GaladrielPlate of FoodGoblet of MeadHeavy Oak BranchesRopeHorn's HarpHorn's Writing SuppliesSalamander NestFallen SticksBoat from LorienTasks Bulletin Board (Rohan)

Updated Traits: Rohirrim Elite LeggingsRohirrim Elite TailRohirrim Elite SaddleRohirrim Elite CaparisonRohirrim Elite HalterPlain Black SaddleSimple TailSolid WarsteedSteed of Night AccessorySteed of Night SaddleSteed of Night CaparisonSteed of Night LeggingsSteed of Night Halter

Updated Titles: Wing-cutterSentinel of Thinglad

Updated Items: Steel Throwing Axe RecipeGondorian Throwing Axe RecipeAncient Steel Thowing Axe RecipeWesternesse Throwing Axe RecipeShardKhazad-bound LootboxSturdy Steel KeySticky GooGlassy CarapaceElf-steelbound LootboxBronze-bound LootboxDwarf-steelbound LootboxBarrow-ironbound LootboxGold-bound LootboxCalenard-bound LootboxRing of the HartFading EssenceSparkling DustSteel-bound Lootbox (27-29)Steel-bound Lootbox (52-59)Steel-bound Lootbox (75-75) Steel-bound Lootbox (42-49)Lorien PaddlesLembas SuppliesHorn's HarpHorn's Writing SuppliesEastemnet Conhuith Draught Eastemnet Conhuith SalveEastemnet Healing DraughtEastemnet Healing SalveEastemnet Lhinestad DraughtEastemnet Lhinestad SalveEastemnet Milkthistle Draught Eastemnet Milkthistle SalveRiddermark Scroll of Delving Riddermark HidePiece of Sealed WaxRed AgateEastemnet Jeweller Scroll Case Eastemnet Cook's Scroll CaseEastemnet Metalsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Scholar's Scroll CaseEastemnet Tailor's Scroll CaseEastemnet Weaponsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Woodworker's Scroll CasePile of Riddermark SoilFallen SticksSealed Gold Setting of Clear ThoughtSealed Gold Setting of the Abyssal DepthsSealed Gold Setting of PrecisionSealed Gold Setting of GraceSoft BatRiddermark-bound LootboxOak Sapwood BranchFallen Rohirrim's ClubUtred's Decorated BreatplateRefugee's Ragged ShoesWrit of RemountLight Bridle of the Third AgeCrafted Light Bridle of the Third AgeReforged Light Bridle of the Second AgeBrushed Riddermark LeatherLump of Eastemnet WaxGlazed Riddermark LeatherFinished Riddermark LeatherTarnished Crest of RohanCrafted Light Bridle of the Third Age RecipeReforged Light Bridle of the Second Age RecipeMedium Bridle of the Third AgeHeavy Bridle of the Third AgeCrafted Medium Bridle of the Third AgeReforged Medium Bridle of the Third AgeCrafted Medium Bridle of the Third Age RecipeReforged Medium Bridle of the Third Age RecipeReforged Heavy Bridle of the Second Age RecipeCrafted Heavy Bridle of the Third AgeReforged Heavy Bridle of the Second Age

Updated Mobs: Wold SalamanderWold GrazerEastemnet BoarWold RuffianMordor OrcOrc SearcherUruk ArcherUruk WarriorMordor Orc-skimisherSwert-houndWold ArcherFord Watchman (Central)Easterling InvaderInvading Easterling SorcererWinged TerrorEasterling Soldier

Updated Areas: Metalsmith's Guild Hall Weaponsmith's Guild Hall


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