Friday, October the 19th, 2012

New Quests: A Game of Brigand-bashingInstance: A Game of Brigand-bashingThe Brigands of the WoldCrime at the FarmlandsAn Unnerving Display of ConfidenceThe River Watch Patrol

New Items: Soft BatStolen CoinLetter to the Thane

New Mobs: HeburgaHeburga (Instance)BoyGirlUtmundDala (Instance)TunbertWold ArcherStolen CattleEastmund

New Areas: The Howling WoodFang PointAmbal's Den The Valley of the LathbearWyrmdelf Fang Tor Thrug-unurRandgar's FarmSpringview EstateThe Desolate CroftsHarwick StablesTwickenburgThe Wodfen The Stinging BogCracaborThe Croft-watchThe Wild Horse HerdSouth UndeepAsh DurubUfum-mauKrash-BalumMaustazgEastmund's Lair (Cave)OlghakhishThe White Hand War-campNin-stazg

New Deeds: Enemies of the RohirrimFarms and Crofts of the EastemnetThe Wilds of the EastemnetWhere Evil Creatures Dwell

New Objects: Stolen Grain

New Titles: Finder of FoesFinder of FarmsWatcher of the WildsDen Discoverer

Updated Deeds: Brigand-slayer of the EastemnetBrigand-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)

Updated Items: Jade GemstonePlain Heritage Rune of LegendWestfold Athelas EssencePunctured ShieldBirch Sapwood BranchChunk of High-grade Skarn OrePile of Rich SoilWestfold Celebrant SalveTailor's Adorned Scroll CasePinch of Westfold HerbsWeaponsmith's Adorned Scroll Case Scholar's Adorned Scroll Case Cook's Adorned Scroll CaseJeweller's Adorned Scroll CaseMetalsmith's Adorned Scroll CaseWoodworker's Adorned Scroll CaseDecorative Sword SheathSilver Token of the Anduin Silver Token of the RiddermarkScrap of Rohirric TextPiece of Sealed WaxRed AgateEastemnet Jeweller Scroll Case Eastemnet Cook's Scroll CaseEastemnet Metalsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Scholar's Scroll CaseEastemnet Tailor's Scroll CaseEastemnet Weaponsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Woodworker's Scroll CaseSealed Gold Setting of Clear ThoughtSealed Gold Setting of the Abyssal DepthsSealed Gold Setting of PrecisionSealed Gold Setting of Grace

Updated Mobs: Wold ArcherDalaThane UtredCillanWold Ruffian

Updated Areas: Kufuzg (Mirkwood)Joshkhin OrdaKufuzg (Norcrofts)Bradcroft


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