Thursday, October the 18th, 2012

New Quests: VenomtongueRiders Afoot

New Items: Riddermark Scroll of Empowerment Riddermark Scroll of Delving Riddermark HidePiece of Sealed WaxRed AgateEastemnet Jeweller Scroll Case Eastemnet Cook's Scroll CaseEastemnet Metalsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Scholar's Scroll CaseEastemnet Tailor's Scroll CaseEastemnet Weaponsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Woodworker's Scroll CasePile of Riddermark SoilFallen Sticks

New Mobs: Provisioner (General Store)Supplier (General Store)Relic-master (General Store)Forge-master (General Store)Wold SalamanderWold GrazerEastemnet BoarWold RuffianVenomtongueCeolbaldStable-master (Mansig's)Injured Rohirrim SpearmanInjured Rohirrim ProvisionerInjured Rohirrim ArcherInjured Rohirrim FighterUtlacIngildRadwulfProvisioner (Mansig's)Healer (Mansig's) Supplier (Mansig's)MansigWilferthMordor OrcOrc SearcherUruk ArcherUruk WarriorMordor Orc-skimisherSwert-hound

New Areas: The Seething MireDwolung HoleWodscrafenThe Red FieldsDagred's GraveThe City in RuinThe Ancient TombByrgenstowMansig's EncampmentDead Orc GladeThe TindrockThe Sutcrofts BarricadeThe North-guardThe South-guardThe Hissing Pit

New Deeds: Dragon-kind Slayer of the EastemnetDragon-kind Slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Beast-slayer of the EastemnetBeast-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Brigand-slayer of the EastemnetBrigand-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Ruins, Tombs, and Monuments of the EastemnetOrc-slayer of the EastemnetOrc-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)East Wall ExplorerQuests of the East WallAncient Evil-slayer of the EastemnetAncient Evil-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)Uruk-slayer of the EastemnetUruk-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)

New Objects: Salamander NestFallen SticksBoat from Lorien

New Titles: Reptile-slayer of Eastern RohanBeast-slayer of Eastern RohanBrigand-slayer of Eastern RohanSeeker of Rohan's RuinsOrc-slayer of Eastern RohanWatcherSeekerSlayer of the Ancient Evil Eastern RohanUruk-slayer of Eastern Rohan

Updated Objects: Riddermark DepositRich Riddermark DepositOrnate Cache

Updated Quests: Salamanders Hate FireSlithering Too NearBook 7, Chapter 7: Shadow of the Argonath

Updated Items: Dry RationsHard RationsRich RationsSimple RationsTasty RationsKindling MaterialTravelling RationsBundle of Athelas LeavesBundle of Greater Athelas LeavesBundle of Lesser Athelas LeavesBundle of Pure Athelas LeavesBundle of Refined Athelas LeavesAncient Steel BoltsGreater Conhuith DraughtGreater Lhinestad DraughtGreater Healing DraughtGreater Healing SalveGreater Milkthistle DraughtGreater Milkthistle SalveGreater Salve of ConhuithGreater Salve of LhinestadRefined Conhuith DraughtRefined Lhinestad DraughtRefined Healing DraughtRefined Healing SalveRefined Milkthistle DraughtRefined Milkthistle SalveRefined Salve of ConhuithRefined Salve of LhinestadSimple Conhuith DraughtSimple Lhinestad DraughtSimple Healing DraughtSimple Healing SalveSimple Milkthistle DraughtSimple Milkthistle SalveSimple Salve of ConhuithSimple Salve of LhinestadAncient Steel Blade MouldAncient Steel Cutlery MouldDistilled Conhuith DraughtDistilled Lhinestad DraughtDistilled Healing DraughtDistilled Healing SalveDistilled Milkthisle DraughtDistilled Milkthisle SalveDistilled Salve of ConhuithDistilled Salve of Lhinestad Infused Conhuith DraughtInfused Lhinestad DraughtInfused Healing DraughtInfused Healing SalveInfused Milkthistle DraughtInfused Milkthistle SalveInfused Conhuith SalveInfused Lhinestad SalveBundle of Potent Athelas LeavesAncient Steel FileAncient Steel NailsAncient Steel Sphere MouldAncient Steel Spike MouldSteeped Conhuith DraughtSteeped Conhuith SalveSteeped Healing DraughtSteeped Healing SalveSteeped Lhinestad DraughtSteeped Lhinestad SalveSteeped Milkthistle DraughtSteeped Milkthistle SalveTarnished Heritage Rune of LearningJade GemstoneMalledhrim Gold Star EmblemLegacy of VitalityMedallion of Dol GuldurLegacy of AgilityLegacy of MightLegacy of WillLegacy of FateScroll of RenewalTarnished Heritage Rune of LoreTarnished Heritage Rune of KnowledgeScroll of DelvingMedallion of LothlorienMedallion of MoriaScroll of Lesser RenewalScroll of Lesser EmpowermentLesser Scroll of DelvingTarnished Heritage Rune of LegendScroll of EmpowermentLegacy of Lesser VitalityLegacy of Lesser WillLegacy of Lesser MightLegacy of Lesser FateLegacy of Lesser AgilitySilver Token of the WildsGolden Token of the WildsMedallion of the North-menPlain Heritage Rune of LegendWestfold Athelas EssencePunctured ShieldDunland Conhuith DraughtDunland Healing DraughtDunland Lhinestad DraughtDunland Milkthistle DraughtDunland Conhuith SalveDunland Healing SalveDunland Lhinestad SalveDunland Milkthistle SalveChunk of High-grade Skarn OreMarked FurBlotchy SkinWestfold Celebrant SalveTailor's Adorned Scroll CaseScroll of Greater EmpowermentGreater Scroll of Delving ShardWeaponsmith's Adorned Scroll Case Scholar's Adorned Scroll Case Cook's Adorned Scroll CaseJeweller's Adorned Scroll CaseMetalsmith's Adorned Scroll CaseWoodworker's Adorned Scroll CasePrismatic ScaleDecorative Sword SheathSpeckled EarSuperior Bacon-wrapped FlapjackSuperior CrumpetSuperior White PuddingSuperior Bowl of SkirlieGolden Token of the AnduinSilver Token of the Anduin Superior Apple and Cheese PieSilver Token of the RiddermarkCup of Superior Second Breakfast Blend CoffeeEastemnet Conhuith Draught Eastemnet Conhuith SalveEastemnet Healing DraughtEastemnet Healing SalveEastemnet Lhinestad DraughtEastemnet Lhinestad SalveEastemnet Milkthistle Draught Eastemnet Milkthistle SalveSuperior Mince and Taters

Updated Mobs: ColverilTalebot TookJack WoodhouseFrallGlosmirIsbennThillosilAlfrathSaxolfEilagBingirGimbulHugaldMyndilNumiHalgirQuennelLegindirGelnirBertelHelherynNindulusBregabedNestadronEidiolAdsiltia MadcorfRelic-master (Stangard)Relic-master (Parth Celebrant)Relic-master (Etheburg) Relic-master (Aculf's Camp) Supplier (Haldirith)Supplier (Woodmen)Supplier (Idmar's Camp)Supplier (Stangard) Supplier (Cuthstan)Relic-master (Cuthstan)

Updated Areas: The Wold


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