Riders of Rohan Expansion Launches Today!!!

New Items: Golden Token of the RiddermarkLog of Oak WoodChunk of Low-grade Riddermark OreChunk of High-grade Riddermark OreScrap of Rohirric Text

Updated Deeds: Cities of Eastern RohanTo the Aid of Rohan

New Objects: Heavy Oak BranchesOak BranchesRiddermark DepositRich Riddermark DepositOrnate Cache

Updated Titles: Settler!

Updated Quests: Rohan AwaitsThe WoldNew Arrival in CombeEarning TrustWater-bucketFood-troughHorse-beddingWorse for WearProof of TrustBedbugs BiteEvery Last DropHerding to the Lone-landsHerding to the North DownsHerding to the TrollshawsThe Horsefields DerbySession -- WeathertopSession -- EsteldinSession -- TrollshawsSession -- Roaming the Horse-fieldsDiscovering the DescendantInstance: Discovering the DescendantThe Thane of Langhold

Updated Items: Silver Token of the RiddermarkLetter

Aged DeedPlain Heritage Rune of LegendSuperior White PuddingSilver Token of the Anduin Superior Apple and Cheese PieA Letter From CombeSaddleSkill: Favour of the MearasHorseshoeCup of Superior Second Breakfast Blend Coffee

Updated Mobs: Combe Stable-helperHorse (Quest Giver)The Descendant (Player) Gandalf the WhiteShadowfaxLanghold GuardDalaThane UtredCillanHigbold

Updated Skills: Favour of the Mearas

Updated Areas: GlobalThe WoldEast RohanNorcrofts SutcroftsThe East WallClivingElthengelsFaldhamEntwadeGarsfeldHytboldSnowbournWalstowEpic HubBoromir's GladeArgonathNen HithoelParth GalenTol BrandirFalls of RaurosAmon HenAmon LawLangholdHarwickSarn GebirFloodwendEntwash ValeEaworthThornhopeMemorial of EorlEaves of FangornFarm HomesteadEastmund's LairUndeep WatchWakenfloodHarwick Refugee CampJoshkhin OrdeNorth-torrEorl's HallowFeldburgRohirrim Training GroundsMead Hall of ElthengelsTrader's OutpostAbandoned FarmsteadsCaddabrand's CampKufuzgNink-hai War CampHaligmar's FarmMead Hall of FaldhamThurgyr's FarmMinas RantThe Entwash Fishing CampWhite Hand EncampmentTreebeard's HillThe BlackheartThe SilkenholdFarms of HytboldMead Hall of HytboldWold DistrictEntwash Vale DistrictSutcrofts DistrictBradcroftMead Hall of GarsfeldBernwyn's HouseAngelric's HouseGisling's HouseThe Raided CroftsWyrthingSnowbourn TavernAuction Hall (Snowbourn)Snowbourn HouseCraft Hall of SnowbournSnowbourn JailMead Hall of SnowbournMead Hall of Langhold

Updated Zones: Middle-earthThe WoldNorcroftsEast RohanSutcroftsThe East WallEntwash ValeEaves of Fangorn


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