Tuesday, October the 9th, 2012

New Items: Axe of the MarkGreat Axe of the BeorningsCloak of the Silver StarCloak of Winter NightsCeremonial High Herald's Hooded Cloak

New Mobs: Supplier (Cuthstan)Provisioner (Cuthstan)Healer (Cuthstan)Relic-master (Cuthstan)Forge-master (Cuthstan)

Updated Quests: Pressing Onward

Updated Items: Dry RationsHard RationsRich RationsSimple RationsTasty RationsBolt of Cotton ClothBolt of Linen ClothBolt of Rough ClothKindling MaterialTravelling RationsBolt of Silk ClothCloak of ShadowsBolt of Elven-clothGreater Conhuith DraughtGreater Lhinestad DraughtGreater Healing DraughtGreater Healing SalveGreater Milkthistle DraughtGreater Milkthistle SalveGreater Salve of ConhuithGreater Salve of LhinestadRefined Conhuith DraughtRefined Lhinestad DraughtRefined Healing DraughtRefined Healing SalveRefined Milkthistle DraughtRefined Milkthistle SalveRefined Salve of ConhuithRefined Salve of LhinestadSimple Conhuith DraughtSimple Lhinestad DraughtSimple Healing DraughtSimple Healing SalveSimple Milkthistle DraughtSimple Milkthistle SalveSimple Salve of ConhuithSimple Salve of LhinestadFortified Lebethron SpearDistilled Conhuith DraughtDistilled Lhinestad DraughtDistilled Healing DraughtDistilled Healing SalveDistilled Milkthisle DraughtDistilled Milkthisle SalveDistilled Salve of ConhuithDistilled Salve of Lhinestad Infused Conhuith DraughtInfused Lhinestad DraughtInfused Healing DraughtInfused Healing SalveInfused Milkthistle DraughtInfused Milkthistle SalveInfused Conhuith SalveInfused Lhinestad SalveBolt of Magnificent ClothSteeped Conhuith DraughtSteeped Conhuith SalveSteeped Healing DraughtSteeped Healing SalveSteeped Lhinestad DraughtSteeped Lhinestad SalveSteeped Milkthistle DraughtSteeped Milkthistle SalveAged DeedTome of Accelerated ExperienceSea Blue DyeCremello Steed Dunland Conhuith DraughtDunland Healing DraughtDunland Lhinestad DraughtDunland Milkthistle DraughtDunland Conhuith SalveDunland Healing SalveDunland Lhinestad SalveDunland Milkthistle SalveMorale Potion (Tier 7a)Morale Potion (Tier 7)Morale Potion (Tier 6)Morale Potion (Tier 8)Silver Token of the Anduin

Updated Mobs: ColverilTalebot TookJack WoodhouseFrallGlosmirThillosilHealer (Durin's Threshold)Provisioner (Durin's Threshold)Provisioner (Crossroads)Healer (Jazargund)Healer (Galtrev)Healer (Tal Methadras)Healer (Stangard)Healer (Parth Celebrant) Healer (Etheburg) Healer (Haldirith) Healer (Aculf's Camp) Supplier (Haldirith)Healer (Hulwul-nefekh)Healer (Woodmen)Healer (Idmar's Camp)Supplier (Idmar's Camp)Supplier (Stangard)

Updated Areas: The Cuthstan


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