Wednesday, September the 26th, 2012

New Quests: Stolen Pride of DunlandStolen Pride of the East

New Items: Relic of the RohirrimRelic of DunlandRelic of the Easterlings

New Mobs: BrungwathDishonoured DeadWold Wolf-keeperWold BrigandWolfhound

Updated Deeds: Brigand-slayerBrigand-slayer (Advanced)Shade-slayerShade-slayer (Advanced)

Updated Quests: Shades of the PastStolen PrideDishonoured DeadCall of HonourTask: Decorative Sword Sheaths (Great River)Task: Fading Essences (Great River) Task: Piles of Sparkling Dust (Great River)Task: Punctured Shields (Great River)Ruffians and Rascals

Updated Items: Jade GemstonePunctured ShieldScrap of Weathered Dunlending TextGreen GarnetTailor's Adorned Scroll CaseWeaponsmith's Adorned Scroll Case Scholar's Adorned Scroll Case Cook's Adorned Scroll CaseJeweller's Adorned Scroll CaseMetalsmith's Adorned Scroll CaseWoodworker's Adorned Scroll CaseSteel-bound Lootbox (60-69)Sturdy Steel KeyDecorative Sword SheathSteel-bound Lootbox (50-59)Steel-bound Lootbox (10-19)Steel-bound Lootbox (40-49)Steel-bound Lootbox (20-29)Steel-bound Lootbox (30-39)Steel-bound Lootbox (70-75)Silver Token of the Anduin Fading EssenceSparkling DustSteel-bound Lootbox (27-29)Superb Necklace of the RabbitSteel-bound Lootbox (52-59)Elegant Necklace of the RabbitExquisite Earring of the AurochsSteel-bound Lootbox (75-75)

Updated Mobs: Wold ArcherWold CaptainWold RuffianWynstanBagmundUlterthEowils


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