'Ered Luin' Theme icon'Ered Luin' Theme   7s Sold by: Rambi (Housing Furnisher)
Battered Arnorian Armour  iconBattered Arnorian Armour   -Dropped by: Angmarim Lookout , Elder Angmarim Brawler, Elder Angmarim Marksman, ... Sold by: Ariel, Dinhiril, Glanlin, ... Quested From: Balhest, Lord of Ost Elendil (50), End Dolvaethor's Menace (50), Evil in Ost Elendil (50), ...
Battered Crate iconBattered Crate   -
Battered Dunedain Defender's Shield iconBattered Dunedain Defender's Shield   10s 22cQuested From: Crown of the Colossus (33)
Battered Dunlending Boots iconBattered Dunlending Boots   7s 99cQuested From: A Message Sent (66)
Battered Dunlending Chestguard iconBattered Dunlending Chestguard   8s 82cQuested From: Final Rest (66)
Battered Dunlending Gauntlets iconBattered Dunlending Gauntlets   7s 99cQuested From: Scattered Companions (66)
Battered Horn iconBattered Horn   2s Quested From: A Sword Shivered (47), Hero of the Lost (50)
Battered Horn of Disruption iconBattered Horn of Disruption3   -
Battered Lockbox iconBattered Lockbox   -
Battered Satchel iconBattered Satchel   -
Bracelet of Strength Remembered iconBracelet of Strength Remembered75   736s Sold by: Rohirrim Quartermaster, Rohirrim Quartermaster (Galtrev)
Buttered Scone and Jam iconButtered Scone and Jam50   1s 98cCrafted
Constable's Feathered Hat iconConstable's Feathered Hat   1s 45cQuested From: Noble Deeds (22)
Embroidered Cloak of the Dunland Healer iconEmbroidered Cloak of the Dunland Healer   6s 4cQuested From: Inspire Hope (66)
Embroidered Hood of the Dunland Healer iconEmbroidered Hood of the Dunland Healer   6s 34cQuested From: Capture the Stores (66)
Embroidered Mantle of the Dunland Healer iconEmbroidered Mantle of the Dunland Healer   6s 25cQuested From: A Glimpse of the Fall (66)
Embroidered Shoes of the Dunland Healer iconEmbroidered Shoes of the Dunland Healer   6s 28cQuested From: Missing Persons (66)
Empowered Adamant iconEmpowered Adamant   -
Empowered Anduin Martyr's Bauble iconEmpowered Anduin Martyr's Bauble75   29s 97cSold by: Manwine
Empowered Anduin Martyr's Earring iconEmpowered Anduin Martyr's Earring75   6s 81cSold by: Manwine
Empowered Anduin Martyr's Ring iconEmpowered Anduin Martyr's Ring75   7s 56cSold by: Manwine
Empowered Garnet iconEmpowered Garnet   -
Empowered Sapphire iconEmpowered Sapphire   -
Emroidered Robe of Night iconEmroidered Robe of Night55   9s 6cSold by: Austar, Classic, Curugardh, ...
Ered Luin Blue Dye iconEred Luin Blue Dye   50cCrafted
Ered Luin Blue Dye Recipe iconEred Luin Blue Dye Recipe   6s 88c
Feathered Hat iconFeathered Hat   55cQuested From: Intro: Goblins in the Crags (4)
Feathered Helmet iconFeathered Helmet   -
Filth-covered Blade iconFilth-covered Blade   -Dropped by: Kergrim Summoner
Gailthin's Feathered Hat iconGailthin's Feathered Hat   1s 56cQuested From: The Standing-Stone (14)
Improved Ered Luin Blue Dye Recipe iconImproved Ered Luin Blue Dye Recipe   14s Sold by: Spiall
Map of Ered Luin iconMap of Ered Luin   2s 10cSold by: Anniversary Vendor, Frithbert (Games-master), Ingwaldur, ...
Map to Ered Luin - Duilond iconMap to Ered Luin - Duilond1   -
Map to Ered Luin - Falathlorn Homesteads iconMap to Ered Luin - Falathlorn Homesteads5   -
Map to Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall iconMap to Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall   -
Orders Recovered from Clorhir iconOrders Recovered from Clorhir   -
Orders Recovered from Gwaelband iconOrders Recovered from Gwaelband   -
Orders Recovered from Menelband iconOrders Recovered from Menelband   -Dropped by: Angmarim Illusionist
Pilfered Arnorian Coin iconPilfered Arnorian Coin   20c
Recovered Arnorian Healer's Band iconRecovered Arnorian Healer's Band   2s 35cQuested From: Untoward Aggression (38)
Recovered Sailor's Cloak iconRecovered Sailor's Cloak26   3s 90cSold by: Austar, Classic, Curugardh, ...
Remembered Ire iconRemembered Ire48   7s 72cSold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster
Scout's Weathered Leather Boots iconScout's Weathered Leather Boots   7s 4cQuested From: The Bane of the Bog (69)
Scout's Weathered Leather Gloves iconScout's Weathered Leather Gloves   6s 85cQuested From: The Slovenly Work of Mange-rider (67)
Scout's Weathered Leather Helmet iconScout's Weathered Leather Helmet   7s 10cQuested From: Lost in the Mail (69)
Scout's Weathered Leather Jacket iconScout's Weathered Leather Jacket   7s 27cQuested From: The Ledger (69)
Scout's Weathered Leather Leggings iconScout's Weathered Leather Leggings   6s 98cQuested From: The Blocked Supply-lines (67)
Scout's Weathered Leather Shoulder-guards iconScout's Weathered Leather Shoulder-guards   6s 82cQuested From: A Brazen Chieftain (67)
Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text iconScrap of Weathered Dunlending Text   3s 8cDropped by: Bright Light, Brungwath, Bugan, ...
Severed Hand iconSevered Hand   1c
Severed head of the Dark Warden iconSevered head of the Dark Warden   -Dropped by: Snarling Overseer
Shattered Blade iconShattered Blade   56cDropped by: Coldfells Champion, Coldfells Guardian, Coldfells Hunter, ...
Shattered Club iconShattered Club   8s 40cDropped by: Brigand Treasure-hunter, Brigand Treasure-hunter
Soot-covered Ring iconSoot-covered Ring50   4s 50cSold by: Ruinestel
Splintered Ash Javelin iconSplintered Ash Javelin   6s 26cQuested From: Rising Ancestors (66)
Splintered Leg iconSplintered Leg   13s Dropped by: Forest Biter, Forest Trapper, Forest Tree-spinner, ...
Superior Buttered Scone and Jam iconSuperior Buttered Scone and Jam50   2s 7cCrafted
Tapered Beak iconTapered Beak   2s 40cDropped by: Darkwing Spy, Dun Crow, Mirkwood Crow, ...
Tapered Carapace iconTapered Carapace   2s 40cDropped by: Angry Bees, Blackvenom Ambusher, Blackvenom Spider, ...
Tapered Claw iconTapered Claw   2s 41cDropped by: Anduin Lizard, Cave-claw Burrower, Deep-claw Digger, ...
Tapered Fang iconTapered Fang   2s 40cDropped by: Dourstocks Bat, Dourstocks Ruins-bat
Tapered Leg iconTapered Leg   4s 5cDropped by: Blackvenom Ambusher, Blackvenom Spider, Crystal Brood-mother, ...
Tapered Mandible iconTapered Mandible   2s 40cDropped by: Blackvenom Ambusher, Blackvenom Spider, Bog-crawler, ...
Tattered Bookmark iconTattered Bookmark60   14s 70cSold by: Austar, Classic, Curugardh, ...
Tattered Cloth Shoulderpads iconTattered Cloth Shoulderpads   55cQuested From: Intro: Dogs of Death (5)
Tattered Dwarf-make Cloth Gloves iconTattered Dwarf-make Cloth Gloves   58cQuested From: Intro: Elrond's Dream (1)
Tattered Dwarf-make Cloth Shirt iconTattered Dwarf-make Cloth Shirt   75cQuested From: Intro: Elrond's Errand (1), Intro: Return From the Lonely Mountain (1)
Tattered Dwarf-make Cloth Shoes iconTattered Dwarf-make Cloth Shoes   58cQuested From: Intro: Where Skorgrim Sleeps (3)
Tattered Dwarf-make Cloth Trousers iconTattered Dwarf-make Cloth Trousers   68cQuested From: Intro: Shrine to the Fallen King (4), When Predator Becomes Prey (2)
Tattered Dwarf-make Leather Trousers  iconTattered Dwarf-make Leather Trousers   75cQuested From: Intro: Shrine to the Fallen King (4)
Tattered Journal iconTattered Journal   -
Tattered Khuzdul Parchment iconTattered Khuzdul Parchment   2s 42cDropped by: Accursed Hunter, Angmarim Sniper, Angmarim Soldier, ...
Tattered Ledger iconTattered Ledger   -Dropped by: Dunlending Warrior
Tattered Leggings of the Dunland Sage iconTattered Leggings of the Dunland Sage   6s 40cQuested From: Deeds and Words (66)
Tattered Map to Glan Vraig  iconTattered Map to Glan Vraig   2s Sold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster
Tattered Robe of the Dunland Sage iconTattered Robe of the Dunland Sage   6s 49cQuested From: Throw the Yoke (66)
Tattered Robes iconTattered Robes   -
Tattered Scroll iconTattered Scroll   -
Tempered Dwarf-Craft Dagger iconTempered Dwarf-Craft Dagger31   4s 2cCrafted
Tempered Dwarf-Craft Greatsword iconTempered Dwarf-Craft Greatsword31   10s 36cCrafted
Tempered Dwarf-Craft Halberd iconTempered Dwarf-Craft Halberd31   6s 76cCrafted
Tempered Dwarf-Craft Headsmans Axe iconTempered Dwarf-Craft Headsmans Axe31   10s 36cCrafted
Tempered Dwarf-Craft Mace iconTempered Dwarf-Craft Mace31   6s 23cCrafted
Tempered Dwarf-Craft Sword iconTempered Dwarf-Craft Sword31   6s 26cCrafted
Tempered Elven-steel Axe iconTempered Elven-steel Axe42   7s 80cCrafted
Tempered Elven-steel Dagger iconTempered Elven-steel Dagger42   4s 90cCrafted
Tempered Elven-steel Greatsword iconTempered Elven-steel Greatsword42   11s 90cCrafted
Tempered Elven-steel Halberd iconTempered Elven-steel Halberd42   8s 30cCrafted
Tempered Elven-steel Headsman's Axe iconTempered Elven-steel Headsman's Axe42   11s 90cCrafted
Tempered Iron Hauberk iconTempered Iron Hauberk   9s 47cQuested From: Tribunal of Shadows (72)
Tempered Iron Leg-guards iconTempered Iron Leg-guards   9s 34cQuested From: Trophies of the Enemy (72)
Ulferth's Battered Boots iconUlferth's Battered Boots   9s 18cQuested From: Constables and Robbers (75)
Undeciphered Moon-letters iconUndeciphered Moon-letters   2s 7cDropped by: Angmarim High Sorcerer, Angmarim Invader, Angmarim Scout , ... Quested From: Consignment: Ancient Lore (1)
Weathered Beak iconWeathered Beak   -
Weathered Heritage Rune of Knowledge iconWeathered Heritage Rune of Knowledge50   5s Quested From: Niels' Bounty: Mangemaw the Wolf (60), Niels' Bounty: Morrafn, the Flame of Hate (60)
Weathered Heritage Rune of Learning iconWeathered Heritage Rune of Learning50   5s Quested From: A Bitter Enemy (53), Book 2. Chapter 8: The Twenty-first Hall (54)
Weathered Heritage Rune of Legend iconWeathered Heritage Rune of Legend50   5s
Weathered Heritage Rune of Lore iconWeathered Heritage Rune of Lore50   5s
Weathered Mantle of the Hill-watcher iconWeathered Mantle of the Hill-watcher65   20s 20cQuested From: Chapter 11: Grief and Insight (65)