Quests starting in The Forsaken Inn

A Clear Message 18 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
A Fitting Meal 25 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
A Greater Theft 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
A Price On Their Heads 18 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Better Blankets 19 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Blankets from the Baying Wolves 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Bounty: Goblin-scabbards 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Bounty: Goblin-tabards 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
By Hoof and Crook 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Candac's Delivery 15 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Candac's Obligation 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Challenge: The Perfect Fellowship 20 Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Drawing The Pack 25 Lone-Lands Nain Enidh 
Earned Trust 20 Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
End the Wailing at the Source 20 Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Enfeebling the Foe 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Fair Trade with Bree 18 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Falster's Request 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Fluffing the Pillows 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Goblin Exiles 17 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Goblin Pack-master 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Hunters Become Prey 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark 20 Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark (Tier2) 20 Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Inn of the Forsaken: Stroke of Midnight 20 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Lone-lands: Inn of the Forsaken 20 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Missing Supply Cart 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
My Brother Hunulf 24 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Noble Deeds 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Raising the Wargs' Ire 25 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Blackened Fur (Forsaken Inn) 20 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Blackened Skin (Forsaken Inn) 21 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Broken Wooden Maces (Forsaken Inn) 20 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Coarse Fur (Forsaken Inn) 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Coarse Skin (Forsaken Inn) 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Cracked Beaks (Forsaken Inn) 21 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Dusky Wings (Forsaken Inn) 20 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Jagged Beaks (Forsaken Inn) 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Large Filth (Forsaken Inn) 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Large Wing (Forsaken Inn) 22 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Task: Tough Carapace (Forsaken Inn) 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
The Goblin Leader 22 Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
The Hold of the Necklace 20 Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Vengeance for the Lost 23 Lone-Lands Annunlos 

Quests involving The Forsaken Inn

A Burglar's Errand 30 Middle-earth Global 
A Daring Rescue 18 Lone-Lands Minas Eriol 
A Drink of the Worst Character 40 Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
A Lore-master's Will 30 Bree-town Bree 
All But the Good Cider 15 Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
An Eye in the Storm 15 Ered Luin  
Book II, Chapter 6: Protected by the Eglain 25 Lone-Lands The Weather Hills 
Candac's Delay 22 Bree-town Bree 
From the Forsaken Inn 20 Middle-earth Global 
Oatmeal Problems 32 Lone-Lands Nain Enidh 
One Drink Too Many 15 Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Ost Guruth to the Forsaken Inn 20 Lone-Lands Ost Guruth 
The Call of Precious Things, Part I 10 Middle-earth Global 
The Call of Precious Things, Part II 20 Middle-earth Global 
The Hunter's Injury 40 Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
Thistlewool's Sullied Name 22 Bree-town Bree 
To the Lonely Frontier 15 North Downs